3/27/18: Jungle Trek to Clear Water Bay

After breakfast, I went to find somewhere to record the intro/outro to my latest podcast episode.

I turned right out of my hostel and went up the hill. It seemed like that direction would be the least populated place in the surrounding area. I went up a quarter mile or so with the ocean to my right and buildings to my left. I saw an abandoned bench right by the water, so I started walking toward it. As I got closer, I realized there was a clearing right past the bench. The clearing led to a cliff overlooking the water. It was the perfect spot to record.

My recording studio. I am blessed.



I recorded it at the perfect time, too, because it started to rain as I was walking back to the hostel.

I edited the podcast & blogged until lunch time. Sophia, Eunice, Guy (all of whom I met the day before), and another Israeli guy named Netanel were also about to go get food, so I joined them.

I wanted to check out this Israeli/middle-eastern place called Babagannus. Guy and I ordered while the three others talked with the ferry company next door to see which boat to take; they were all leaving for Koh Rong that day.

A few minutes later, they decided to go somewhere else because they wanted proper breakfast food. It was 1 pm. Who eats breakfast at 1 pm??!?

I ate my eggplant wrap, which was huge and delicious. Even Guy, an Israeli, approved!!

I went to trek to Clear Water Bay alone; Guy wanted to stay back and chill.

To get there, you have to first walk all the way down Long Beach, then enter a path that takes you through the jungle, and out the other side is the bay.

Beach goat!
Walking on Long Beach

I was right behind this one girl for a while as I was walking along Long Beach. It looked like she was going the same way as me. Right before I entered the jungle bit of the trek, I asked her,

“Are you going to Clear Water Bay, too?”
“What’s Clear Water Bay?”
“It’s this beach on the other side of the island. There’s a path through the jungle you can take to get there.”
“Oh, I might join you then!”

And we were off.

The girl’s name is Ellie, and she’s an American who was in Cambodia for a wood conference in Siem Reap, which had just concluded. She had decided to do an extra week to see other parts of the country.
Her life seems really cool: she works at a craft school called Penland, in the mountains of North Carolina, which offers workshops for adults and children. You can check out her website here.
It was nice to chat with another American. I love meeting people from all over the world, but since I so rarely bump into Americans, it’s always a nice opportunity to catch up on American pop culture, politics, and life back there.

Crazy tree(s?) we saw
Winding roots

The trek was pretty amazing. The jungle is SO lush, untouched, and full of energy. You can hear so many beautiful sounds of the animals and birds all around you as you make your way through (audio clip below).

The path
Lushness galore


We got to the beach after a sweaty half hour of hiking, and DAMN I see where it gets its name. The water is CRYSTAL clear. Absolutely beautiful. We chilled on the beach for a while, and headed back around 4:30.

Clear Water Bay


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Beach selfie DUH

We were both hungry when we emerged from the jungle, so we got mango smoothies at Harmony Bungalow, a random place on the main drag of M’Pai Bay.

We went back to our respective places to shower and relax before meeting up again for dinner.

We went to Easy Tiger, another random choice. I ran into Mike, who I had hung out with in Kampot– I forgot that he was staying there.

The owner of the restaurant/hostel looked like a hot mess– he was drunk (or appeared to be), had no shirt on, and couldn’t remember anything we told him (He really needs to hire help!! It’s just him running around doing everything.) So when our veggie curries arrived and turned out to be pretty freaking delicious, we were both very surprised.


And that was it; another good, spontaneous, and delicious day on the island.

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