3/24/18: Trekking Around Rabbit Island (Cambodia)

I was the first of the group to wake up (of course). I had breakfast with my toast and fruit that I had bought previously.

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The sights that I woke up to


About an hour later, everyone started to wake up and eat breakfast. I was done eating, so I walked on the beach. When I was back, people were still eating so I got a coconut and ate it with the group.

Scenes from my stroll


Everyone finally was ready around 11. Most of the group went to the beach to snorkel, but I, Mike, and Atke decided to do the trek around the island instead. It starts at the main beach, then loops around the entire island, and ends back at the main beach. It was supposed to take 2 hours, and we also wanted to snorkel before our boat back to the mainland at 3 pm, so we had to hustle.

The first half hour of the hike was ok. The trail was pretty well-laid out. Slowly, the path started to get more and more crazy— we were eventually trudging through weeds, outgrowing plants, and mud. There were certain sections where we weren’t even sure if we were on the path at all.

No path to be seen


We were originally just going to go to the tip of the island and then turn back around since we were concerned about time, but as the path got worse and worse the less we wanted to turn back and do it all again.

We ended up doing the whole trail— we saw three different beaches, which was cool. We got to see a slice of the local life as we passed by different houses and families.
It was sad to see how much trash there was all over the beaches, though. The beach with all the tourists was clean, but all the rest were completely covered in trash.


Sooo much trash
Local family

As we headed to the end of the loop, the path got better again. I think most people end up just doing a little bit of the loop— at either end of the beach— and then gives up, which is why the first and last bits of the loop were much better than the mid-section.

We completed the loop in an hour and a half, and then immediately went to the beach to snorkel.
We snorkeled for about 30 minutes, and it was absolutely beautiful. There were so many amazing colors; I’ve never seen coral like that. It was also extremely shallow, so everything we saw was really close to us. Almost too close— I was so scared of accidentally touching or ruining the habitat. A lot of the anemones and other underwater plants were swaying and sparkling, it was breathtaking.

We went back to the guest house, and I got a sandwich for lunch.
There wasn’t enough room at the table that everyone else was sitting at, so I sat on one of the beach chairs. There was a guy next to me, and we started chatting. He was French with pretty elementary English skills, so we didn’t get much past the, “Where are you from?” “How long are you going to be on Rabbit Island?” “How long are you traveling?” convo.

I’m also pretty sure I saw a guy who was at our hotel in Hpa An, Myanmar, a couple months ago. He’s also French, and was really obsessed with Arno. So freaking random that we’d end up on Rabbit Island at the same time.

We took the ferry back at 3. Once we were back at the hostel, I napped for a bit. The hostel was hosting a big party tonight, so I wanted to get some rest.

Mike, Atke, and I got dinner in the city.
We first stopped by a cidery to try their cider. The one I got tasted more like wine than cider, but I think it’s because it was so strong— 7.5%. I was properly tipsy off of just one.

We got dinner at Happy Special Pizza, which we later realized was the same restaurant that we could order from at the hostel. Oh well.

I got morning glory in a coconut broth. I ate too much rice and ended up feeling a bit sick because I was so full.


When we got back to the hostel, I went to my room to just lay down for a bit in the hopes that my over-fullness would die down.
After an hour of that, I decided to just get in my pajamas and go to bed because it was already 10:30 and I was tired.

It took me a while to sleep because I was so hot and people kept coming in and out of the room, making a lot of noise.
I felt a bit of FOMO and guilt for not going to the party, but I was equally content just sleeping for the night.

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