3/23/18: Swimming With Glowing Plankton

I went for a run, but it had rained the night before so there was so much mud anytime I tried to go off on any of the trails.
I would go on a trail until it was too muddy, then turn back to the main road and find another trail, and repeat the same process.
I did about 4.5 miles total.
Seen on my run


I ate breakfast on my own at the hostel.
An hour or so later, Atke got up and wanted breakfast downtown. I went with her because I needed coffee.
We went to Simple Things, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. It had a really chill, nice vibe. I got a coconut milk latte and a falafel salad to eat for lunch later.
We chilled at the hostel until noon. I ate my salad and then we left to go shopping for Rabbit Island, where a few of us from the hostel would be going to for the night. Ivan, the hostel owner, is an ex-tour guide and I could tell he just LOVES taking people around. We all rode in the back of his tuk-tuk and went to a fruit market, a bunch of bakeries, supermarket, and more. I just bought some fruit for the road.
Around 1 pm the van came to take us to the port.
About an hour later we got to the port and had to wait a little longer for the ferry to take us to the island.
Waiting at the port
Our boat to Rabbit Island
We got to the island around 3 pm. I got a banana coconut smoothie from our guest house’s restaurant, and it was AMAZING. It was my first time getting a coconut smoothie— for some reason I had always thought that coconut smoothies meant just coconut water, so I didn’t think they would be that interesting, but I was wrong. At least at this place, they make them with coconut meat, so it’s super thick and creamy and delicious. I am addicted.
We spent the next few hours lying on the beach, but it was too cloudy to get any sort of tan.
We got massages: I got a khmer massage, but it was weak and I could tell the masseuse didn’t give a crap about her job. I fell asleep for a bit, so I suppose it was relaxing. But I prefer when massages hurt and make you wince. I feel like you get more out of them that way.
The gals
We all got dinner at the guest house. I ordered coconut curry, which was surprisingly delicious. And it was only $2.50!
We all started playing drinking games: Never Have I Ever, Questions, and C&S. When you lose C&S, you either get a truth or dare, and we had a lot of fun dares. One of them was that a guy had to stick red chilis down his pants (apparently it really hurts), and then the next guy who lost had to eat the chilis that were down his pants.
Men always make such a big deal out of dares— I feel like girls always suck it up and do them, but guys always hesitate and get so dramatic. I guess that makes it more entertaining, though.
The electricity goes off every night at 10, so around 11 we all got in the ocean to see the glowing plankton (bioluminescence). It was my first time seeing them, and it was unreal! Whenever you move your arms, the plankton light up all around you. And when you go underwater and look at them, it’s like being in outer space. All the plankton look like stars and planets, it’s crazy.
We floated around for a while, played a couple games of chicken, and then got out. I went to bed around 1 am, but a lot of the others stayed up for a while after me.

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