3/19/18: Mervicelli Noodles

I woke up and went to Backyard Cafe to do some work.

My cashew milk latte
I wanted to get something cheap for lunch, since I had been spending so much at nicer health-food places, so I went to Mercy House. None of the staff spoke English, and the menu had an insane amount of typos/strange translations. Please enjoy my gallery below.
Sand ice…?
i would like one luxury sandwich please
Someone please help me understand what this means
tried rice; SPecial; specail
I ordered some sort of Chinese dumpling soup, but I had no idea what to expect.
It turned out to be a pretty small portion of salty soup with some dumplings. I knew it wouldn’t be filling enough, so I ordered a side of rice.

I asked the lady at the register, and she said ok.
I waited 5 minutes, but got impatient because I didn’t want to finish my soup before the rice came.
I went back up to the register and asked her again. She said ok once more.
I waited another 5 minutes. Nothing came.
Finally, I went up to a server who was standing around, and he brought the rice shortly after.
I walked over to Mad Monkey to interview Claire Casher, their communications director, for my podcast.
It went well— she and I have similar stories in terms of travel, and it was really cool to learn about how she got to where she is today.
Street barber shop I saw– so cool!
I went back to my hostel to wait for my bus to Kampot.
I eventually arrived in Kampot around 7:30. While I was in my tuk tuk to my hostel, I realized that I had left my entire bag of food on the bus— it had my oats, snacks, and fruit. I was a little too upset for how trivial it really was. But those things are so essential!!
I was starving when I got to the hostel, Nomad Working Space. A few people were leaving for dinner just as I checked in, so I joined them. The group was me and 3 volunteers– two were a couple from England, one was from Israel. We got pizza at a place called Max’s— I ordered a veggie pizza sans cheese, and it was pretty good. It had a huge variety of veggies on it, which I always appreciate.
As we were sitting, a bunch of other people from the hostel came and sat with us. All 4 of them were volunteer staff members. It seemed like there were way more volunteers working at Nomads than I’ve seen at any other hostel.
We went back to the hostel and played some beer pong. Around 11, a bunch of them went out to the bars but I decided to go to bed. I was way too tired to stay out late.

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