3/17/18: St. Patty’s In Cambodia

Today was a long run day. I ran 8 miles and was so incredibly sweaty after. Cambodia is definitely hotter than Vietnam.


Tai chi!

I had breakfast at the hostel with my own oats and fruit. The kitchen lady begrudgingly handed me a bowl of hot water and looked even more annoyed when I asked her to hand me my fruit from the fridge. Oops.


I made my way to Vibe Cafe, the first fully-vegan restaurant in Phnom Penh. I got an iced latte and worked on the blog for a few hours.


I stayed there for lunch and got the Asian Bowl. I told the server I was allergic to peanuts, and she told me the only thing I could have was the açaí bowl. However, the menu was quite large and I was pretty positive there were a few other nut-free options, so I was confused. I told her to just take the peanuts out of the bowl, and she said ok and disappeared.

A few minutes later she came back with the food and a little bowl for the dressing. She told me it was peanut dressing.

Um. Ok. Can you please bring me one without peanuts??! 

And she dissapeared again.

Just as I was about to take a bite (sans dressing), she reappeared to tell me that the tempeh had peanuts.

Um. Ok. What should I do?

She told me she’d bring me a new bowl, which was quite nice of her.

The new bowl had plain tempeh, with a side of beet dressing. It was way too acidic and needed something to soak up all the acidic juices, like rice or something. It did make me feel quite healthy, though.

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I went back to the hostel and chilled at the pool. It’s definitely the biggest pool I’ve seen at a hostel. I saw some of the guys from the sunset tour hanging by the pool too, so I chatted with them for a bit.

We got out, showered, and met downstairs to have a beer before going out for St. Patty’s (or St. Paddy’s, as the Irish spell it).

We ended up having more than one beer at the hostel. It approached 8 pm, and I was hungry so I ordered food. The rest of the group followed my lead.

I got fried noodles, which were really sad and expensive. The portion was way too small for $4, and it was so plain and oily.

We went out to Paddy Rice (best name for an Irish bar EVER) to watch the England vs. Ireland rugby match.

I saw Eddy Jones all over the TV (I am friends with his daughter)– I forgot he was the head coach of the English team. I knew he coached it and knew the game was Ireland vs. England, but somehow it didn’t click that he would be there until I saw him on the screen.

I told the two Irish guys that I’m friends with his daughter, and they freeaaaked out. It was funny– they started telling the other people we were with, and then those people would tell others, and I was just kinda standing there like uuhhh didn’t realize this was such a big deal.

The group
Ben (Irish) and Matthew (British)

Ireland won, woo!! Seems like it was a pretty big deal, but I have no knowledge of the rugby team dynamics, so I’m not sure just how big of a deal it was.

I was so grateful for Ben, one of the Irish guys, who was really patient with me and explained all the rules to me throughout the game.

It was around midnight when it ended, and I was so tired. Another game was coming on, and everyone was staying for it. I could not sit through another match, so I walked home alone. It was a bit scary to be honest– it’s the first time I’ve felt scared/vulnerable during my travels in Asia.

But, I made it home safe and sound. Yay! Not doing that again though.

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