3/11/18: Bloat, My Recurring Companion

I was going to go for a run this morning, but I decided against it since I didn’t want to push my body too soon even though I was feeling much better.

Modeling the Vietnamese hat at breakfast


Once I ate breakfast and packed, I went into town with Kaitlyn to get some bus snacks. I would be going to Ho Chi Minh today; Kaitlyn to Mui Ne.

I wanted to get another mushroom banh mi from Windmills, but they were sadly sold out. I instead walked over to Au Loc Chay, a hole-in-the-wall vegetarian place nearby.

Pro tip: “Chay” means vegetarian in Vietnamese, so whenever you see it, that means there is vegetarian food there. You are WELCOME! 

I got some take-out to eat as lunch later ($1 plates FTW!!), and walked back to the hostel.

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Doused in hot sauce of course

When we walked in, one of the hostel staff members told me my bus pick-up had already came and left. I was in shock– the buses are never early!! Luckily, the buses to Ho Chi Minh leave every hour, so he put me on the next one.

I got on the bus around an hour later. At one of the rest stops, I had my first sugarcane juice!! It was pretty good and not too sweet, which was what I was afraid of.


I was dropped off at the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City around 6:30. I had to wait another 15 minutes for a mini bus to come to take me to the city center.

Around 7 I got to my hostel, Vietnam Guide Home, which was not nearly as nice as Cozy Nook… but I was expecting that. If all hostels were exceptional, no hostels would be exceptional.

Side note on hostels in Ho Chi Minh City:

It was really hard for me to decide which hostel to choose. The ones that were highly rated/personally recommended to me were way more expensive than the others. The more affordable ones were either party hostels (which I didn’t want), or were lacking atmosphere (according to reviews).

I ended up choosing Vietnam Guide Home because it was one of the cheaper ones at $5 a night, seemed chill, and sociable. In reality, the staff wasn’t the most helpful, the rooms were pretty small, and it wasn’t very clean. The breakfast is one baguette with a fried egg and bananas. They don’t give you a plate or utensils for the food. The other guests were cool though, so I think that adds to the overall value. 

I was feeling a bit bloated, a feeling I’ve become quite familiar with. It’s a signal that some digestive issues are coming on… yay!

I got food anyway because I was a bit hungry. I went to Mani Vegan and got their Sunday special, which was called “vegetarian crab chowder with rice noodle soup,” aka mock meat noodle soup.

Matcha latte in the back! Good but a bit sweet

After dinner the bloating got worse and I was 100% certain there would be stomach/digestive issues in my near future.

I went to bed around 9:30, but everyone in the room was being really loud chatting with each other and coming in and out.

Take me back to Cozy Nook!!!

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