3/8/18: Brutal Hike In Da Lat

My breakfast at the hostel included bread, eggs, fruit, cereal, milk, and coffee. I gave my eggs away to Kaitlyn, who said they “tasted caged,” which I thought was pretty hilarious (in a sad way).

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I gave away the non-vegan stuff to my friends :)

Bellies full, Kaitlyn and I went to town to get the bus to Lang Biang mountain. At first we weren’t sure how we would know which bus to take, but we just asked each bus we saw and eventually one bus came along and summoned us on. The attendant immediately knew we were trying to get to the mountain, I guess because every foreigner that goes to that bus stop is going to the same place.

Market on the way to bus stop

Once we were sitting, she gave us a sheet of paper with the bus times for the ride back, which was incredibly  nice of her.

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the entrance.

We saw “zebras,” aka horses painted as zebras, which made me really sad. Who is demanding that we need fake zebras, and why???!?


The first hour of the climb is going up a STEEP paved road. It was not easy at all.  A lot of people take jeeps up to the half way point, and I can see why. I never thought we’d make it to the trail entrance.

It didn’t feel like we were in Vietnam; there were pine trees everywhere, and the air was crisp. It reminded me of summers in America, running around parks and forests as a kid, and it made me really nostalgic.


We eventually reached the trail, and the hike got a lot nicer. We weren’t on a paved road anymore, so there were no cars and we were more immersed in the nature.

The hike was fine until we got to the last 300 meters. It was BRUTAL: we were essentially climbing up steep stairs the entire time. It felt like it would never end.


Spoiler alert: it eventually did. After an hour and 45 minutes of the uphill battle, we plopped on the ground for a while. We took in the views, snapped some pics, and snacked on veggie chips we had bought at the market.

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We climbed back down, which took another hour and a half. Going down I realized just how steep the uphill was. I was impressed that we had done that.

We got to the bus stop just in time to catch the 1:30 bus back to the city– the next one would have been at 2:50, so I was really happy we caught it.

I was starving, so I got lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Hoa Sen. I got mushroom pho (noodle soup) and banana blossom salad– both were really good.

My personal feast lol
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Mushroom pho
Banana blossom salad (with tofu I think?)

I went back to the hostel, showered, and went to a nearby cafe to blog for a bit.

Soon it was time for another family dinner. Again, the whole hostel came down for it and it was so much fun (and delicious).


Tofu with pineapple & vegggies: really good
My first star fruit! It tastes custardy and sweet. Loved it. 

I went to bed pretty early since I was tired from the hiking adventure. It took me a couple hours to fall asleep because the people downstairs were being really loud…. oh, the glamorous hostel life!!

2 thoughts on “3/8/18: Brutal Hike In Da Lat

  1. I loved Da Lat. We arrived quite late in the afternoon, but got a chance to experience the night life. We also got to ride in the early morning traffic to the train station and the various lakes.
    I loved the vibe of the place. I had visions of stopping and staying for a long time–but the bike trip was calling.
    We did a 7 km downhill before boarding a bus to take us to the start of our 30 km downhill. That was awesome.

  2. That meal where you think it’s it is and isn’t in a way haha. It looks like Cha Lua Chay which is their traditional sausage vegan version which is made by boiling yuba (tofu skin) stuck together in a banana leaf! It has quite a rubbery texture, the one I buy here in France.

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