2/25/18: Hanoi Cafe Crawl

I had a very vivid dream last night. I was on Beautiful Anonymous (a podcast where an anonymous caller talks to comedian Chris Gethard for an hour) with Amanda (my friend from NY). But Chris wasn’t talking. It was just me and Amanda talking with each other. When I noticed that Chris wasn’t saying anything, he chimed in and said he was listening, he just wasn’t saying anything. I made fun of him for lurking and being creepy.

Then I started asking him questions: Has he experienced any differences between male and female employees? I forget the other question. I asked them kind of awkwardly and Chris was weirded out by them. I later went on the Beautiful Anonymous Facebook group (which exists in real life), something I haven’t done in a while in my real life, and looked at the comments related to the episode I was on. One person wrote about how awkward I was, and how I was the worst communicator ever.

The comment made me extremely sad, and I actually wanted to kill myself because I felt so worthless. I really didn’t believe there was any reason to live if people thought I was a bad communicator.

When I woke up and thought about the dream and my reaction to the comment, I realized how much being a good communicator means to me. I think it’s because I identify myself as a communicator through podcasting & blogging, and because I’ve always identified as a good writer. If I’m not good at that, then who am I? And what am I on this planet for?

I ran around the West Lake, which was something that I’d been wanting to do for a while. I logged 7, mostly foggy, miles.

Seen on my run


For breakfast I had a baguette and fruit. The bread was delicious– crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.

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I went to a random coffee shop called Eden. The staff wasn’t very friendly and the coffee was mediocre. The interior design was nice, though.

For lunch I tried Om Cafe, which is a really cute yoga studio and cafe in Hanoi. They had a big menu with both western and Vietnamese food. I got the vermicelli noodle salad, which seemed like a pretty boring choice, but it was actually delicious. Really well-seasoned, good texture, and lots of variety in the veggies.

I stayed a bit to work on the blog, and then went to La Studio because that was another place I really wanted to go to while I was in Hanoi.

It’s in this tiny alley and up a small flight of stairs. I got a brownie and matcha latte. The brownie was tasty but still healthy. It had a very subtle touch of salt, which I loved. Sugar + Salt = magic. It was more like a cake though; it was very crumbly.


I went back to the hostel to drop off my stuff and chill for a bit. I met two girls in my room who were going to another hostel later for drinks.

I went to get dinner while they packed up their stuff in the room.

I went to Jalus Kitchen again because it was the most convenient choice. I got the spicy potato curry, which was a bit too salty. I gotta say, Jalus is just not that good of a restaurant. Both visits have been disappointing.


I met with the two girls again in the room. One of them was feeling sick so she stayed behind, and the other one (Jody) and I went to meet her other friend, Africa.

The three of us walked over to the hostel together. It had a huge rooftop bar that, at 8 pm, was already crowded with people and playing really loud music.

I really liked Africa: she was a 19 year-old who was headed for Cambridge in the fall, was also vegan (which automatically tell same a lot about you), and we were on the same wave length about a lot of things.

I went back to hostel around 10:30 because I had to get up early the next morning while the others stayed a bit longer.

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