2/23/18: Trekking In Sapa, Day 2

It was super cold when we woke up.

We went down for breakfast, which was crepes. They were most likely made with eggs, but I ate them anyway because otherwise my breakfast would have been tiny pieces of banana.

We started our trek around 9. My toes were still numb from the cold.

So cold and wet

We opted to do the trek on the paved roads because it had rained all night, and the paths would have been super muddy and slippery.

We couldn’t see much all morning; it was too foggy and misty.

So foggy


After walking for about an hour and a half, we got to the lunch place. We had the option to end the trek there and chill at the restaurant until lunch time, or walk 40 more minutes. We split up; about half of the group stayed, and half of the group kept walking. I was in the latter group. I wasn’t tired or anything, and saw no reason to stay behind.

Waterfall we saw


Lunch was instant ramen, which came with 2 fried eggs on top. I gave my eggs away to the guys and just ate the noodles. It wasn’t very filling.

A van came to pick us up and take us back to the hotel around 1 pm.

I was originally supposed to do a 2-night homestay, but because everyone else in my group had only signed up for one night, I would have been doing the homestay alone. I decided to go back to town with the group and stay in the hotel instead of doing a homestay by myself.

At the hotel we played Uno and Exploding Kittens (a card game) while they waited for their bus back to Hanoi. I had never played Exploding Kittens before– I really liked it. It’s hilarious, easy to learn, and really fun.

When everyone in my group left for Hanoi, I chilled in my room and watched the finale of the Amazing Race (which was AMAZZZINGGG no pun intended… I can’t believe Jody pulled it off!! I sobbed.). I am so glad to finally be in a country with good enough WiFi that I can stream shows and Youtube.

I had dinner at my hotel since it was included in the tour package. I met some other trekkers: 3 were Korean, 1 was Dutch, and 1 was Italian.

The Koreans. The guy standing brought his own nori 😂

All the other people at dinner were Vietnamese, and they were being super rowdy and getting drunk off rice wine. Eventually they got drunk enough that they started to mingle with us, and gave us shots of their rice wine. It was pretty good! I can see why they were drunk; it was really easy to drink.

People in the back standing up to take shots
They loved the Italian (Davide)

There was a little boy eating with his family (the boy at the end in the picture above), and he came over to our table and started speaking in English to us. His English was shockingly good– better than all the adults at the hotel. He also knew some Japanese, which made me love him even more. He could even write Hiragana! I was seriously impressed.

IMG_2597 (1)
New friends. The weird thing we’re doing with our hands is a heart! Apparently it’s very popular in Asia. 

After dinner the 3 Koreans, the Italian, and I went to a bar nearby called Hmong Sisters. This was my first time hanging out with Asian tourists, and it was pretty cool! All this time I’ve only interacted with European/Western tourists, so it was a nice change.

We couldn’t see ANYTHING on the way to the bar. Crazy fog. 

They couldn’t speak English that well, but we managed by using lots of hand motions. One of them got really drunk–like dizzy, had-to-step-outside drunk– after 1 and a half beers. I’ve never met someone with such a low tolerance. It was pretty incredible.


We played a round of pool, but we were all AWFUL. So awful that we didn’t even finish the game. I think we would still be there, trying to get the last few balls in, if we had stayed.

We got back to the hotel around 11. I was so happy to have my own room after so many months of shared dorm room living.

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