What It’s Like To Run In Myanmar

IMG_1024 (1)

You’ll see:

  • Red stains on the pavement, a manifestation of the nation’s addiction to paan
  • Endless trails of trash
  • Cows, elephants, stray dogs
  • People piled on backs of trucks like cargo

You’ll smell:

  • Diesel spewing from the back of trucks
  • Fires still burning from the night before
  • The slightly minty, stale smell of paan

You’ll hear:

  • The barks of stray dogs
  • People yelling “Hello!” and “Mingalabar!” as you pass
  • Honking from all sides, warning you to move & watch out

You’ll feel:

  • Pangs of fear as you approach a gang of stray dogs
  • Eyes looking at you, wondering what you’re running from
  • Grateful to be able to run for fun in a nation where most sacrifice leisure for labor

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_1007 (1)



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