2/5/18: How Much I Spent Today In Myanmar

This is my second “how much I spent while traveling” post. The first one was a few weeks ago in Thailand. Let me know how you like these, and if you have any suggestions for how to make them better!

  • Breakfast: Free (toast & fruit)
    • Most hotels/hostels in Myanmar offer free breakfast. It’s usually pretty simple though: toast, fruit, and eggs, but I don’t eat eggs so it’s not too filling. I bought a small jar of tahini back in Thailand, and I’ve been spreading it on my morning toast ever since.
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Toast with black tahini & jam
  • Lunch at Ngapali Bistro: 4,000 kyat ($2.97)
    • Lentil soup, tomato salad, rice
    • Was ok. I got veggie noodle soup and asked for no eggs. The noodle soup came and it was essentially egg noodle soup: there were at least two eggs in it. Luckily, Hannah got lentil soup and was nice enough to switch with me so it was fine. The lentil soup was good, but just be aware that the staff doesn’t’ really understand English.
  • Afternoon snack: 1,000 kyat ($0.74)
    • Fresh coconut
  • Dinner at Yoma Cherry Lodge: 8000 kyat ($5.94)
    • Burmese curry & rice
    • This restaurant was fancier and a bit pricier than the usual restaurants. The food is really good though
  • Accommodation: $15
    • We stayed at AZ Family Guest House. Really nice place with little bungalows, fresh coconuts whenever you want, and 1 minute walk from the beach.
    • Accommodation is probably what most of your money will be spent on in Myanmar. The hotels/hostels aren’t as cheap as they are in other SE Asian countries.
Bungalows at AZ Family Guest House
So close to the beach!

TOTAL: $24.66

I use Trail Wallet to keep track of my expenses.


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