2/4/18: Another Weird Stomach Bug

I woke up feeling ok after having spent the last couple of days dealing with stomach issues. After a breakfast of toast, banana, jam, and some random Burmese sweets, Hannah and I went to go meet our snorkeling guy Tun Tun.

Tun tun 

It was just the two of us on the boat– we went around to 3 different snorkeling places. I took tons of pics and I would show them to you, but my go pro decided to stop working so I can’t share any. :(


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our private boat tour hehe

The coral was really beautiful. I saw green coral for the first time! And of course, when there’s coral there’s life so we saw tons of beautiful fish as well.

After the third snorkel session we stopped on Pearl Island, this tiny island with a nice sand bar, for a bit.


Pearl Island

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I didn’t feel great when we got back to shore so I just had watermelon for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon I chilled on the beach and edited the hitchhiking video.

Magic hour selfie


We went out to dinner to Golden Rose, which was this romantic restaurant filled with couples/old people (the target demo of Ngapali beach it seems). I was feeling better so I got some fried noodles, which were actually really delicious. It had really good flavor and was slightly different from the other (thousands of) fried noodle dishes I’ve had here.

I felt fine after eating, but my stomach make weird gurgling sounds all night. The stomach bug saga continues…

Some notes/thoughts I had today:

  • This place is full of old European people
  • ALL  (young and old)  are couples
  • Ngapali is really nice because there’s little to no tourism. All locals are really friendly and nice to us
  • Prettiest beach I’ve ever been to: clear water, calm waves, beautiful coral/fish
  • Stray dogs are realllllyyy skinny/not doing well. Some have no fur.
the beach is really so beautiful!

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