2/3/18: Most Beautiful Beach of My Life

We arrived in Ngapali at 5 am. The bus dropped us off close to our guest house, thank god. We were worried about what we were going to do if we got dropped off in an area with no taxis in the middle of the night.

We went to the front desk and told the guy (not sure what his official title is) that we had a reservation. He didn’t seem to understand/speak English, but he took us to a room. Didn’t ask for our ID, check-in date, nothing.

We slept until 10 am, and then we went to the front desk again to officially check in. We found out we had been put in a deluxe room, but we had booked a superior room. Which apparently is worse than the deluxe room: there is no hot water.

We had to pack all our stuff up again and move rooms. The new room was fine, though. It was just a bit smaller, but I actually liked the layout more.

I was feeling a bit better, even hungry, at this point. We decided to order food from the hotel restaurant. I got vegetable soup and rice– I wanted to keep it as plain as possible. I ended the meal with a coconut. The guest house has an endless supply of coconuts, which made me SO happy. Coconuts all day everyday.


There’s a beach right in front of the guest house, so we went to lay out on it for a bit. The beach was amazing. White sand, calm & refreshing water, relaxing vibes.


One thing that kind of brought to you back to “oh yeah, we’re in Myanmar” were the couple of really sad-looking, skinny stray dogs that kept coming around, looking for food. One of them had no fur and some sort of skin condition.

We got bikes to ride to the main beach (the hotel has free bike rental), which was a few kilometers away.

The main beach was FULL of old, overweight European couples. It was still a really nice beach, though– not so many people, and no one is trying to get you to buy useless knick knacks.

As we were walking along the beach we found a guy, Tun-tun, doing a snorkeling/boat tour. He offered us a better deal than our hotel’s boat tour so we booked it. We would be leaving the next morning at 9 am.


We kept walking along the beach for a while, and then went to find a restaurant to watch the sunset. We settled down at The Green Umbrella, one of Ngapali’s MANY beach-front restaurants (with very generic names, like Sunset View, Excellent, Golden Sea, Ocean View…) I got a lemon iced tea which was actually one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had in my life. I still crave it (and I’m writing this about a week later).

Myanmar is FULL of spelling errors: mogitto, bodka
Marlibue, angle


After the sun set, we rode back to our hostel and chilled in our rooms for a little. For dinner, we decided to just get food from the hotel since we didn’t want to go back into town.

Veggie curry for dinner

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