2/1/18: Sometimes I Do Nothing

I somehow made an error in scheduling and released the post for 2/2/18 before 2/1/18… so this one is a bit out of order. Sorry! 

Today was… one of those days.

Sometimes I do nothing.

I woke up, hungover as all hell, and laid in bed all morning. It was a good reminder that liquor is not always the best idea (for the full recap of the night, read yesterday’s post).

We (Arno, Hannah, Marlijn and I) went to a local bakery to get some food around noon.
I got an-pan (an=red bean paste, pan=bread), but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t vegan. I mostly just ate the an part of it. I also got a blueberry smoothie. It was very IG-friendly, but I was too lazy to take proper pics of it.


After that we all just went back to the hostel to sleep some more.
I was feeling better after a few hours, so I got up to work on the blog.

Around 5, we all decided to go for our last meal together. Arno and Marlijn would be leaving the next morning for Indonesia.

It was a really sad last meal… and it didn’t help that we were all feeling dead inside. Nobody was feeling particularly chatty.

Chocolate smoothie… so good.
Mexican bowl

We came back and decided to watch some Netflix. We downloaded an episode of Black Mirror and gathered around Hannah’s tiny iPad screen to watch it on the floor. It was really cute and made me even more sad that we were splitting up.

Some things I’ve come to realize:

  • Yangon is really smelly/dirty. It’s prob the dirtiest city I’ve visited thus far. I’m excited to leave.
    • The whole city smells like betel nut. As soon as you step outside, you smell it. You can’t escape it and it’s really starting to annoy me.
  • There are a lot of used Japanese trucks/buses with their original writing on them. It’s kind of bizarre to see, especially as someone who can read Japanese.

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