1/31/18: Clubbing in Yangon

I woke up, unsure if I wanted to go for a run outside or just go to the gym next to the hostel. I was a little worried about the stray dogs (a lot of them have rabies here) and the road conditions.
After researching a bit, I decided to just go for it and run outside.
I ran 3 miles to the People’s Park, which only has about a half mile loop. I did that, and then ran back to the hostel, totaling about 6 miles.
I had breakfast at the hostel with Marlijn and Hannah (toast with tahini and banana), and then went to find a cafe to work in.
I ended up at Kafe In Town, which is super close to the hostel. The interior is really nice and cozy, and the wifi was pretty good. I worked on the blog for a couple hours, and then went to get lunch at an Indian restaurant.
I decided on Taj, and got the chana masala. My body was CRAVING straight up protein after so many days without any concrete source of it. I’ve mainly been eating stir fried veggies and rice. I also got some chapati on the side.
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After lunch I walked to a tea/juice place because I always want something sweet after savory. I got an apple & pineapple smoothie, but it wasn’t really good. Thin and not very flavorful.
I worked on the hitchhiking video for a bit, and then met the Arno, Marlijn, Hannah, and some others from the hostel for bowling. The two guys who had organized apparently go bowling in every city they visit, and they wanted to invite others this time.
We took a cab to the alley, which turned out to take a while since the traffic in Yangon is horrendous. The alley itself was pretty hilarious— run down, hardly any staff, and almost no customers. The lady working there had to manually input all of our scores. Which made me wonder… what do they do when they have more than one group playing?? It must get stressful.
We played two games (I did horribly on the 1st round, did ok on the second) and decided to find somewhere to get dinner.
We went to this area with universities/embassies known for its nightlife. After a few minutes of wandering and trying to make a decision (it’s always so hard to choose a place when there’s a big group) we ended up at Blue Galaxy. All the wait staff were super young and intimidated by us— a couple of the guys in the group were being rude to them (passive aggressively making snarky comments about their service, complaining about the wait time, etc) and I felt bad. I can’t imagine trying to service people in a foreign language, so I think they deserved some empathy.
After dinner we were looking for a club to go to, and pretty much the entire restaurant staff got involved. They were all searching frantically for a club for us. Apparently (and not surprisingly given the conservative culture) clubs are not really a thing in Yangon. They showed us Sky Way Club, and we decided to give it a go.
So many people trying to help us hah 
We cabbed there, and it was actually a legit club. Cover charge and everything. Free for ladies though, of course hehe.
The security was insane— they patted everyone down and then searched every inch of our bags. No water allowed either.
We walked in, and it was a HUUUGE space!! And very very loud. And they had what seemed like one security guard per foreigner (we were the only foreigners).
We got to the bar and tried to order shots, but they only let you buy entire bottles of liquor if you want a shot. I’ve never heard of anything like that…
We bought a bottle of vodka to split between the 8 of us, plus some coke to mix.
We all sat on these couches, which were only big enough for about 4 people. We asked if we could move or bring other sofa chairs over, and were promptly given a negative. We also couldn’t stand in most areas of the club or take our drinks to the dance floor.
Was only able to take one photo! No photos allowed. 
The bartenders brought over one can of coke, and we asked if he could bring five more. He then came back with five sprites. Classic Myanmar moment. We decided to just keep the Sprite and avoid another 10 minutes of nonsensical back-and-forth with them.
After we drank the vodka (we finished the bottle in about 15 minutes… ridiculous) we proceeded to the dance floor. Along with about 30 security guards.
It was INSANE— we were surrounded by security for a good 15 minutes before we started to disperse, and then they started to disperse. I think they were trying to “protect” us from the local guys, but I’m not sure…? The locals were harmless so it didn’t make much sense.
Now that I think of it, there were definitely more guys than girls at the club. I’m guessing it’s because guys have way more autonomy than girls in this country.
Anyway, we danced for a couple hours. The music was hilarious. All pretty terrible remixes of pop songs, plus some Myanmar music mixed in. They played a Burmese version of Vitamin C’s Friends Forever, and I was dancing next to this Burmese guy who was singing along so I started to lip sync as if I knew the lyrics and he was LOVING it. It’s pretty easy to act like you know the lyrics if you’re just mouthing, and I guess I was really pulling it off because he was dying laughing.
Around 1 am we noticed that Arno was missing, so all 7 of us searched the entire club 3 times over looking for him. We couldn’t find him, so we decided to cab back to the hostel and hope that he was there. Luckily, when we got to the hostel we saw him in the lobby and all was fine. He told us he was looking for us but couldn’t find us so he took a cab home.
the cab ride home was ridiculous…
It’s always scary when you’re in a foreign country and a friend gets pulled away from the group, so I’m glad it ended up being nothing.
We got in bed around 1:30 am after one of the most unpredictable, bizarre, but fun clubbing experiences of my life.

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