1/29/18: Golden Rock Madness

Bulleted post today b/c there are way too many entries to get through!
P.S. Do you guys like these types of posts? Which format do you like best– Bulleted or full sentences? LMK in the comments!
  • Woke up 7:30
  • Ate breakfast (wasps everywhere wtf!! this hotel needs help), packed up
  • Walked to bus stop: waited a while for our bus to come
  • Slept a bit on bus
  • Got to first town near Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo), was bombarded by ppl offering to take us to the Golden Rock town (Kin Pun)
  • Finally found the bus that would take us to Kin Pun
  • Got to Kin Pun around 1, found inn to stay at. Cool garden.
  • Went to lunch: was a gross local place. Everything was dirty. Then got tea, which had milk. Got coffee, which was instant coffee (really sugary).
  • Got fried cauliflower, mustard greens, potato, rice. Potatoes were like fries, was interesting
  • Went to bus station to get bus/truck up to Golden Rock. Waited AGEEESS for it to leave. Could only leave once truck was full. Truck has about 60 seats.
    • Were with other European tourists. They got really impatient. Was kinda embarrassing
  • Truck finally started moving after about 30 minutes of waiting.
    • INSANE ride. Like a rollercoaster. I was in disbelief and was laughing the whole time. Super jerky, crazy, swaying, couldn’t see anything ahead of us, really steep hills


  • Got to top: SO MUCH TOURISM! So many shops and food. Gross looking bbq chicken everywhere
  • Stopped at the entrance; had to rent sarong to wear in temple even though I was wearing leggings
  • Walked around, the Golden Rock was ok. View was amazing.


The many angles of Golden Rock


  • Went to find somewhere with coconuts
  • Had a coconut, sat for a while at cafe


  • Went to go catch last truck back to town
  • Sunset was really nice


  • Way down was also really insane: had to hold on for dear life


  • Ppl in front of us were taking drugs (edit: later found out it was betel nut)
  • Some locals acted like the ride was nothing (prob because this is their normal commute)
  • Never thought the ride would end
  • Booked hostel for Yangon
  • Chilled, drank wine coolers haha
  • Went to dinner: was basically same menu as lunch place but quality of food was better
  • So sick of fried stuff but that’s the only thing I can have here
  • Fried veggies and rice
  • Got bananas for breakfast
  • Went back. Everyone so tired
  • Tomorrow is the big hitchhiking day!! ahhhhh!!

Weird/sad things I saw:

  • No ladies allowed in area close to golden rock
  • Half dead/alive ducks being carried up to the temple
  • Goats being tied together on motorcycle
  • Bus driver taking drugs (edit 2.0: pretty sure this was just betel nut too)
  • Ppl LOOOOOVE men and ignore women here: everyone always talks to Arno. Saw women being SO attentive to men at the table next to us at lunch. crazy.
  • Baby being fed energy drink by dad…


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  1. Any format, just like reading them! I never really wanted to explore South East Asia (and we are so close in Australia) until I started following along with your journey.

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