1/27/18: Celebrities In Myanmar (Hpa-An, Myanmar)

I woke up at 6:30; it was pretty early, so I decided to work on the blog until everyone else woke up. The WiFi sucked, though, so I couldn’t do much.

After breakfast we rented scooters and drove to find Saddan Cave.


We got hungry on the way, so we stopped a random restaurant called Oscar to have lunch.

We had another funny customer service experience here:

  1. We asked for smoothies, but they only had an apple, a quarter of a watermelon, 2 avocados, and some lime.
  2. We asked for avocado smoothies, but the avocados were rotten, so we couldn’t have those.
  3. We switched to 3 lime juices and one watermelon smoothie.
  4. The power was out so they couldn’t use the blender to make the watermelon smoothie. Hannah (who ordered the smoothie) then switched to Sprite.
  5. The waiter brought our food to the wrong table.
  6. The waiter then brought over my cup of rice from the other table. The rice had clearly been touched by the guys at the other table: when I pointed this out to him, he acted like he had only just noticed it.

Despite all the mishaps, the food was alright.

From lunch, we headed on to the cave. The way there was absolutely beautiful.


Arno, Marlijn, and Hannah

It was cool because there were barely any tourists– a stark contrast from my experience in Thailand.


The cave was religious (every tourist attraction in Myanmar seems to be linked to religion) and had interesting features, like fluorescent lights and a lit up bridge. There’s just something startling about having so much electricity in a cave.


The other visitors were so friendly and happy to meet tourists. They said hi to us multiple times, but because I’m not used to locals saying hi to me, I didn’t register that they were talking to me until it was too late.

They also LOVED taking pictures of Hannah, Marlijn, and Arno because they are so European-looking: all of them are blonde with blue eyes and tall. It was so funny because pretty much none of them wanted me in their photos because I look too Asian/similar to them.



After we got through the cave, we had some coconuts and then had a really nice/relaxing boat ride through the surrounding area.

IMG_0779IMG_5700IMG_8609IMG_8605IMG_0815IMG_0830Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

After that we drove back to town and went to Wadee for a snack: we each had a beer and I got eggplant salad. The restaurant is located really close to a good lookout point for the sunset, so we all left really quick to catch the sunset. We left just in time: the sun was just about to set, and it was beautiful.


Hannah got a shot of me on the beach

Right after the sun went down, we saw a guy puking (he was probably drunk or high) right below us on the beach. It just perfectly juxtaposed beauty and reality. Travel is not always as glamorous and perfect as it seems. You see a beautiful picture of the sunset on Instagram or Facebook, but most of the time the reality is a little less pretty and a lot more grimy.

We went back to Wadee,  finished our food, then went back to hostel to chill.

After a bit we were hungry again so we went to a nearby restaurant. I got vegetable soup and rice– it was really simple and refreshing. I felt bloated that night, which made me nervous because the last time I was bloated was in the Philippines and I ended up having some really bad diarrhea and was sick for the next couple of days.


I went to bed early, hoping that the bloating was just temporary and would be gone by morning.

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