1/26/18: Culture Shock in Myanmar (Hpa-An, Myanmar)


Woke up at 6 am, so tired and a bit hungover.
Made avocado sandwiches with Marlijn.
Got in taxi 6:30.
Met Hannah, Marlijn’s friend from her travels in Cambodia, for the first time in the cab (she had just arrived from Bali the night before)
Got to bus station around 7:30, waited for bus to Golden Rock.
Got fresh papaya while waiting, ate some sandwiches and banana.
Bus was quicker than we thought: thought it would be a 7 hour ride, was only 3 hours.


Got to town near Golden Rock around noon and tried to book bus tickets to Hpa An (our final destination of the day) so that we had something booked before checking out Golden Rock.
The only bus to Hpa-An was at 3 pm, and we would have to be back in town by 2:30. We booked it and walked over to bus station that would take us up to Golden Rock.
Got to bus station at 12:30, but we had to wait until bus/truck was full (because #Asia).
Around 12:40 we started to get worried that we would miss the bus to Hpa-An (we’d get to rock at 1:45, then have to come back down immediately if we wanted to catch the bus). We decided to just get off and have lunch somewhere close by instead.
Sucked cause it defeated the whole purpose of trip to Golden Rock, but was kinda necessary.

Us on the truck/bus to golden rock


Got lunch at Feel: was actually quite good and staff was ridiculously nice: e.g. when I asked for chilis, the waiter first brought out fresh chilis and then came out again with some sort of chili sauce because he didn’t know which type of chili I wanted.

We also tried two different Myanmar desserts.

Dessert we got at Feel

2:30: Got on truck which would take us to bus to Hpa-An.
Lots of people chewing betel nut.
Got to bus station, which was really just a store front.

Us at the “bus station”


Got on bus around 3.
Got to Hpa An around 6 pm .The bus driver dropped us off right in front of our hotel, which was nice.

Hey Arno


Normal to see entire families on bikes here


Chilled at hotel for a bit and then left to get dinner.
Dinner was nice: went to Wadee, a Burmese/Thai restaurant.
Got broccoli, mushroom/morning glory, Burmese tea leaf, tofu salad (filled with fish sauce, was gross), rice, and a lovely ginger/lemon tea.


Others had some non-veg dishes too.
Was funny because waiters pretended to understand us (we asked for no peanuts in tea leaf salad, for chilis, for an ash tray), but none of that happened. The salad was FULL of peanuts, no chilis, and no ash tray.
I guess they just pretend to understand english and hope for the best.
SO CHEAP: It cost about $3 each.

Noticed more of a drinking/drug culture here: while at phone shop, we saw people drinking on the floor behind counter and female shop keeper was sniffing cold medicine in the back.
Went to night market for a bit. Nothing special.
We were all exhausted so we walked back to hostel.
Lots of blogging to catch up on.

  • Finding it hard to find a balance blogging and being active/present with new friends
  • Want to keep it up, but also want to not put so much pressure on myself
  • Have a lot to catch up on
  • Need to podcast!! Ahhh

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