1/24/18: Day 1 In Myanmar (Yangon)

Ok this will be a bullet-point journal entry b/c I have like 6 days of blogging to catch up on. I haven’t been able to post b/c the WiFi in rural Myanmar is really bad and I wasn’t able to upload photos until I got back to Yangon.


  • Woke up so late today!! Around 10 am.
  • Walked to nourish cafe and worked on blog, met a couple. Started talking to them and the girl was going to market so I joined her.
Burger bowl: so GOOD
  • Big market (called Bogyoke) with SO MUCH JEWELERY.
  • Kept walking more and eventually found a shop with pants I liked. Paid 2500 which is less than $2.


  • Walked to park, which was meh, then walked toward Shwedagon Pagoda. Had coconut on the way. So dirty… machete made black marks and they didn’t have enough spoons so I used an already used one hahah


  • Walked to pagoda: chilled on a stoop for a bit and then some old dude came up and asked where I’m from. Showed me his book which was just filled with thank you notes from past clients. I knew he was showing me it cause he wanted me to do a tour. I didn’t have anywhere to be so I was like sure.

IMG_0367Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The cutest baby!


  • Asked me what day of the week I was born, I told him Saturday. He said well we are sitting right in front of the Saturday corner, I look up and boom. We were. Crazy!!
    • There are “corners” for every day of the week, and you’re supposed to pray at your corner. We did some weird number thing where you go to the year you were born, then there’s a corresponding number for the month you were born, then you flip the page and it gives you some other number which then tells you what animal you are. I am a fire breathing dragon! Fearless and defiant I think…?
    • Also crazy b/c 1/24 is my half birthday, and I was there 1/24.
  • Went on his tour and he tried the “where are you from” line on like 3 other ppl, who didn’t take the bait. Made me feel kinda dumb standing next to him since I felt like that loser who fell for his tricks ha.
Ritual of pouring water over birthplace buddha and praying
Sweeping the temple
my tour guide
  • Was actually a nice guy but it was kinda funny how he kept forcing me to take pics of everything. He took a couple pics of me but they weren’t that good..
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Looking awkward AF
  • He gave me a wafer snack that def wasn’t vegan but I couldn’t refuse so I ate a couple bites.
  • Split a taxi back to hostel.
  • Ate dinner alone at Indian restaurant called Nepali & Indian Only. Vegan thali set. Was pretty good.
  • Met a Dutch girl (Marlijn) and Belgian guy (Arno) at hostel. Got along with them and they were talking about going to water park next day and I was so down. Made plans to meet in morning.
  • Went to bed 11
the “manicure” Marlijn got cracked me UP!

First impressions of Myanmar:

  • lots of babies
  • More poverty / beggars
  • Lot less tourism
  • More aggressive at shops (shoved dresses on me)
  • Cheaper
  • No 7 elevens
  • Street food a bit more questionable
  • Men wear skirts
  • Cool make up: golden/highlighter-esque

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