1/23/18: Bye Bangkok/Hello Myanmar

This morning I went for a 4 mile run: tempo. It sucked! It was so hot, but it also felt nice by the end… that’s always how tempo runs go, isn’t it?

After breakfast I went to look for a cafe to work in. It took me forever to find somewhere, and I ended up at Au Bon Pain… ha. And the wifi didn’t even work there so it was completely pointless.

Around noon I left to find some lunch and got completely caught up in the crazy, never-ending markets. You enter what seems like just a few stalls and suddenly it opens up to a huge market with rows and rows of shops that seem to go on for miles. It’s crazy. I bought a new backpack ($25 from Swiss army, hope it’s a good deal). I was sick of carrying around a big backpack, small backpack, and small duffel bag whenever I travel, so I decided to just get a bigger backpack and consolidate.

I got lunch from a vegan street stand. It was a simple noodle soup.

Vegan street stand
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Noodle soup

I walked back toward the hostel and ended up at another market. I looked at some of the clothes but didn’t buy anything. I’m so hesitant to buy clothes here because there are no size tags, no mirrors, and you can’t try anything on.

I ended up just buying more food and got some sort of Thai iced dessert: it starts with a cup of ice, then some sweet juice is poured over it, and then topped with sweetened accompaniments. Mine had sweet lotus root (so cool!!!), lychee, ginkgo bean, a date, and grass jelly. It was good, if a little too sweet.


I chatted with some friends back at the hostel, and then decided to go out for a coconut. We found one street cart selling them for 20 baht just around the corner from the hostel. I’m a little upset I didn’t know about this place earlier; it’s by far the cheapest coconut I’ve found in Thailand and I found it on my last day.

Anyway, back at the hostel I hung out with friends for a bit more and then started packing my stuff up to leave for the airport.

I was really sad to leave Bangkok. It’s such a cool, fun city. I met some people at my hostel who hated it, which made me sad. They also just sit at the hostel all day…  so I don’t get it. How do they hate a city they haven’t even explored???!

Airport food
Red bean & taro filled

I landed in Myanmar at 9 pm that night. Myanmar is 30 minutes behind Thailand… so bizarre. I didn’t know you could even have a half hour time zone difference. After I got past immigration and to the front of the airport I was bombarded by 10 or so taxi drivers. It was a little scary. I hate when taxi drivers do that. It’s strange to me that they don’t think about how bombarding a young female as a huge group may be a little scary and intimidating for her. I guess empathy isn’t at the top of their priority list, but still.

Anyway, I decided to just observe what other travelers were doing and I saw them go off with the same taxi drivers who bombarded me so I decided I could probably trust them.

I approached one, and he knew my hostel. I tried to negotiate the price down from 9000 to 8000 kyats, but was unsuccessful. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

The taxi ride turned out to be fine. I checked in to the hostel, dropped my stuff off, and went back down to socialize. I met an American who was living in Taiwan. We talked for a couple hours and we had a lot in common: we’ve both lived abroad as expats, we’re both mixed race, both our parents met abroad, both didn’t really like Thailand, had similar goals when traveling.

I went to bed around 1 am, which is  pretty late for me.

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