1/19/18: 16 Hours of Travel

Sometimes, budget travel means crazy long hours on a bus (or two).

After a semi-productive morning editing a vlog and eating food (most important!!), I headed to Pai’s bus station to catch the bus to Chiang Mai.

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My lunch from Chew Xin Jai

I sat at the front passenger seat, which was scary because the driver was driving pretty dangerously… passing on curving roads, talking on the phone, etc. You can get away with ignoring that kinda stuff when you’re in the back, but when you’re in the front, it’s hard to look away.

I got to the Chiang Mai bus terminal (alive thank god) around 5 pm, and then bought a bus ticket to Bangkok leaving at 7:30. Since I had a couple hours to kill, I went to nearby mall and got a smoothie. I walked aimlessly around the mall for a bit, just to expend some pent up energy after so much sitting. I ate my dinner, which I had picked up in Pai at Chew Xin Jai aka the best place ever, outside. It was nice to just sit there and chill with the sounds of birds all around me.

Dinner from same place as lunch

I walked back to the terminal and waited for bus, which ended up being a half hour late.

I was so antsy waiting because I couldn’t understand the announcements, and wasn’t sure if I was at the right gate, the right terminal, why the bus was late, etc. This always happens when I’m in a country where I don’t speak the language; I get really anxious about stuff like that. But it turned out fine– I eventually found someone who works for the bus company (there are SO MANY BUS COMPANIES that go from Chiang Mai to Bangkok) who told me the bus was running a bit late and to just stay put.

We left around 8 pm and then stopped at 2 am at a random rest stop. We had a voucher for a free meal, but being that it was 2 am, there was hardly any food left. There was some pork/chicken, but no veggies. I used my voucher for soy milk instead.

I tried to sleep until we arrived around 6 am. Bangkok until Tuesday, and then it’s Myanmar!

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  1. I had a similar experience in Germany but with a train. I can speak a bit of German, but the train stopped at a station in the middle of nowhere for a long time in the dark, and the occasional announcements made no sense to me and I got so worried about what was going on. Turns out it was fine, but I get where you’re coming from about not knowing the language!

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