1/17/18: Hanging Out Alone

Today was my chill day.

I woke up, got the same toast & fruit breakfast, got a bit of work done (blogging, editing podcast) at a nearby cafe called Om Garden Cafe, where I also had my first vegan Thai tea (!!).


So many pumpkins at Om Cafe <3

Then I got lunch at Earth Tone Cafe, where I had to share a table with someone else since the restaurant was full. The other person was a British guy who was WAY too woo-woo for me. Like, when we were talking about yoga teachers, he said, “It’s not about what they say, it’s about their energy. They can say all the right things, but you learn the most from their energy.” Which I get to a certain extent, but I also think what they say is important too…
Or, “Running is your yoga. Everyone has their yoga.”
He kept saying other things that sounded like nonsense to me… I honestly can’t think of them because it was those types of sentences that seem really deep and meaningful but really mean nothing at all and make no sense. He was a really good person, just not someone I could have a real conversation with.
ANYWAY, he left before my buddha bowl came and I scarfed it down alone and in peace.

Cows on the way to Earth Tone
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My buddha bowl

After lunch I got a banana/strawberry smoothie from a small juice place and then went back to my hostel to do some more work: applied for Myanmar visa, planned out how I was going to get there, and edited the blog.

After that I laid out by my hostel’s pool and swam for a bit. The water was really nice and refreshing.

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I showered and decided to go to Circus Hostel, known for its good views at sunset, alone since I couldn’t find anyone who was free to join me. It’s funny how I was just saying in a recent journal entry that solo travel is good for overcoming social anxiety; as soon as I got to Circus and saw clusters of people chatting and groups of people smoking (I hate sitting with smokers all around), I got overwhelmed and couldn’t bring myself to approach anyone. I left almost immediately– I decided to just go back to the hostel and find some people to talk to there.

I was successful– I grabbed a beer and sat down at a random table with a bunch of people chatting, and from there we all started talking, and eventually we all left together to eat at the night market.

I got a mushroom spring roll, fresh papaya salad (amazing), and ice cream. It wasn’t really enough food, but I just wasn’t quick enough in making decisions so by the time we reached the end of the market and turned to go back to the hostel, it was too late for me to get more food.

She makes it to order! I asked for it to be vegetarian (usually has shrimp & fish sauce).


SUCH amazing papaya salad. Ask for half a chili if you don’t want to die.

Back at the hostel, I played one round of beer pong and then went to bed. lol. I’m such a partier.


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