1/16/18: Everybody Hates Americans

Shorter entry today… less about what I did, more about general thoughts I’ve been having.

Quick rundown of day:

  • Woke up and had breakfast (hostel usually provides toast and eggs as their free breakfast, but they offered me toast and fruit instead which I thought was really nice)
  • Met with tour group to go on the full-day tour of Pai and met a bunch of cool people (one British girl, one Canadian girl, one Dutch guy, one Spanish girl, one older German lady who was a boss, one American girl and her bf who I think is Israeli).
  • Went to the caves (massive and kinda reminded me of Harry Potter), a viewpoint, waterfall (was ok), hot springs (very crowded but felt nice), white buddha (wow!), and the canyon for sunset (really pretty but also v crowded)
  • Ended at night market of course: had Chinese noodle soup (SOOOOO GOOD), a banana/passion fruit smoothie, and some beer.
  • The Dutch guy from the tour (Max) wanted to go rafting or tubing the next day and asked me if I wanted to go too, which of course I was down to.
    • The tours were a bit expensive so I decided to try for the first time to reach out to the tour companies in-person to see if I could get any collaborations going (collaborations = I write a blog post about the tour experience in exchange for a free tour). One company was way more open to the idea than the other. It was a bit scary to do it in person but it wasn’t too bad!! The hardest part is communication… they didn’t really understand what I meant by “travel blogging” lol so I had to explain.
  • We went to a bar called Mojo for live music, which was nice. Stayed an hour or so before going home.


Such a cool swing!
White Buddha
Me & Viktoria
Lol these ppl brought pizza to the canyon
Me & Jenny
The tour group!
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Chinese noodle soup
Banana & Passionfruit smoothie
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Avocado and seaweed sushi!! so cool.

Thoughts I’ve been having:

  • A lot of people hate Americans… which I knew before, but it’s a little jarring to experience it first-hand, every day. I heard people droning about how annoying/stupid American tourists are multiple times in the past few days. Some of them ARE really annoying and obnoxious (there were really really loud Americans on the tour today who would not shut up about football/alcohol), so it’s frustrating because I think a good majority of Americans are fine and decent… but of course you only remember the obnoxious ones and not the boring polite ones. I guess it happens with every nationality.
  • I’m getting a bit sick of having the same conversation over and over… and overhearing other people having the same conversation over and over. It’s always, “How long have you been traveling?” “Where are you going next?” “How long are you traveling total?” “Where are you staying?” “What were you doing back home?” “Why did you quit?” “What do you want to do when you stop traveling?” At least 5 times a day, every day. I ask those questions to other people myself, so I can’t really complain, but it’s my blog and I’m gonna complain if I want to!!! There’s no real fix to this, since it’s pretty much inevitable when traveling, but I wish I could just play a recording of the answers to all those questions instead of having to have the same convo over and over and over again. But that would be boring.
  • Daily blogging makes me constantly think about the blog, which in turn has been making my mind a bit jumbled and overwhelmed since I write about the day’s events the following day. For example, I write about January 15 on January, 16, but I have a bunch of thoughts on January 16 (about travel, things I want to do, observations about the place/people around me), so I get confused if I should write about my January 16 thoughts on January 15’s blog post, or save them for the next day. If that makes any sense at all. Like today, as I’m writing this, is January 17, but I started having thoughts about how I’m getting sick of having the same convo over and over on January 15. However, I wasn’t sure if I should write about it on that day or the next day… I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone but me. It’s also a bit confusing because this is sort of my personal journal, but it’s also public, so I’m thinking about it in the eyes of the public reader… but maybe I should just ignore the reader and write it as if I was the only one reading it.

Ok lots of rants/random thoughts today. Hopefully you could follow along.

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