Things I Love Right Now (November 2017)

Welcome to another TILRN: NOVEMBER edition!
I know I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, and I apologize for that… I’ve been focusing more on my YouTube channel & podcast, which has left me with little bandwidth to write blog posts. I’m going to try to be better!!

P.S.  Let me know what you think of the YouTube channel if you’ve been watching… I’m very curious to know your thoughts. 

Below are TILRN posts from months past:

  • French braiding my hair

This has recently become an obsession of mine… I’ve been french braiding my hair left and right, and no one can stop me muahaha. It’s great for when you want to change things up or when you’re having a bad hair day, and there are many ways to style it: as half braids/half pigtails, as an inverted braid to the side, as full french braids, etc.

As half braids: 

As full braids: 

As a side braid: 

  • Riverdale (season 1)


I was VERY skeptical of this show since it seemed like another melodramatic Gossip Girl/90210/Secret Life of The American Teenager type show… and it kind of is. But I like it.
It’s based on the Archie comics, which I’ve never read, so I have no idea if the show resembles the comics, but…
As a noob to the Archie world, I find the characters endearing & intriguing, the plot interesting. It IS a little bit ridiculous at times: the girls’ outfits and makeup are always TOO perfect (who wears lipstick/heels to high school??!), the fact that the whole town tries to solve a murder mystery together is a little absurd, they drink milkshakes in every episode, and one of the characters, Betty, has a bizarre alter-ego that comes out at random times. However, as a whole I’m into it and all of its weirdness.

You can watch season 1 on Netflix. Season 2 is currently airing on the CW. Honestly, season 1 is a lot better than season 2 so far… so that is why I am only mentioning season 1 on this list.

  • Soomfoods Chocolate Tahini Spread


I LOVE tahini, and what’s better than regular tahini?? CHOCOLATE TAHINI!! And Soomfoods makes it. I love spreading it on bread or fruit and putting in in my oatmeal or smoothies. If you want to try it, you’re in luck because I’m including a jar of it in my giveaway! See the details of the giveaway HERE.

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate

tjs dark.jpg

It’s cheap, it’s rich (hehe words are fun), and it’s DELICIOUS!! Now go and get yourself some two dollar ($1.99 to be exact) organic chocolate!! You can buy it online or in-stores.

  • Beautiful Anonymous


I feel like I’ve definitely talked about this podcast on the blog before, but I want to remind you guys how amazing it is. Comedian Chris Gethard talks to an anonymous caller for one hour. They talk about anything that the caller wants to dive into, and the conversations are usually amazing.

Some of my favorite recent episodes: Aussie Best Friend, A True Crime Investigator, A Midwife Discusses Birth Schmutz


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  1. OK, how did you learn to French braid your hair (specifically, without your arms dying while doing it LOL)? Also, I am also loving Riverdale right now, and chocolate tahini definitely has me intrigued!

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