The Best of the Best: My Favorite Vegan Dishes in NYC

I wanted to make this list because while I do have quite a few blog posts on my favorite NYC restaurants (exhibit A, B, and C), I haven’t done one specifically on which dishes are my favorite. Enjoy!




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Wild shroom salad from Beyond Sushi
    • THE UMAMI IS UNREAL. Seriously I wish I could eat this every day. 
    • Basically any of their mushroom dishes (dumplings, sushi, rice paper wraps, etc.) are phenomenal, but if I had to choose just one I would go with this. 

Papaya salad from May Kaidee
      • It’s SO refreshing, and has a decent kick to it too. It’s the perfect appetizer– not too heavy and so delicious.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf from Buddha Bodai (Mulberry St, not Mott) 
      • The sticky rice is nice and steamy and the “meat” inside is so good! 

Feast for two from Bunna Cafe
      • Every single thing on this platter is delicious. There is just so much goodness happening, it can be a little overwhelming at first. One of the most filling, delicious, and healthy meals out there. 

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Char sui buns from Mother of Pearl
      • If you like buns/baos, you will love these. Such a warm and comforting dish! 

Thanksgiving sandoo from Cinnamon Snail
      • I really cannot believe this sandwich exits. It’s genius– it’s got juicy seitan, bread pudding, and cranberry relish all between a fluffy baguette.

Habibi bowl from Champs
      • Sometimes Champs can be a little heavy/oily, but their habibi bowl is not. The crispy chickpeas, creamy tzatziki sauce, and crunchy rice make for a great meal for when you don’t want to feel 10 pounds heavier after. 
      • Side note: I also love their hippie hash for the days that I want something a little heavier.

Buffalo slice from Screamer’s
      • Honestly all of their slices are delicious, but I consistently get their buffalo slice. It’s got buffalo cauliflower, almond ricotta, ranch, and chives. 

Lemon crusted chicken nuggets from Seasoned Vegan 
      • I’m not a HUGE fan of their other dishes, but their chicken nuggets make the trip to Harlem worth it. I don’t know what kind of sorcery the chefs are practicing to make these, but they are ON POINT and totally taste like the real thing. 

Chilaquiles breakfast bowl from Modern Love 
      • This is part of their brunch menu. If you like spice and/or Mexican food, you will love this bowl!! It’s by far my favorite thing I’ve had there. 

Tomato cake from Dirt Candy 
      • Everything at Dirt Candy is pretty freaking spectacular, but this one in particular stood out to me. It’s like an explosion of flavors/textures… the bottom is fluffy and cake-y, the top is juicey and sweet… I loved it and could have eaten like 5 more.
        • Note that the normal one has smoked feta, so just ask for it to be made vegan. The vegan one uses smoked tofu instead. 
      • This place is NOT cheap and requires weeks of planning in advance to get a reservation, so it’s not exactly a casual dinner spot.

Cannoli donut from Peaceful Provisions
      • Ah, the cannoli donut. It’s a GIANT, HEAVY donut filled with sweet custard. And is somehow vegan. Again, I don’t know what kind of sorcery the ladies behind Peaceful are practicing, but this donut is probably my favorite dessert ever. 
      • They don’t have a brick & mortar location, so be sure to keep an eye on their calendar to see where you can snag yourself a donut.

They made me a GIGANTIC (like, bigger than my face) cannoli donut for my bday!! 

Cinnamon espresso chocolate chip cookie from Sweets By Chloe
      • Crispy, thin, and LARGE AF. I love this cookie because you can eat the whole thing and not feel TOOOOO guilty since it’s so thin. I also love the subtle coffee flavor. 

Vegan cookies & cream cupcake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop
      • This is not a vegan bakery… BUT I love when “normal” bakeries have vegan options, so I wanted to give them a shout out. Their cupcakes are really freaking good!

Grasshopper cookie sandwich from Peacefood Cafe 
      • This cookie sandwich is massive, indulgent, and delicious. If you like mint flavored treats, you will like this one. 

Matcha ice cream from Van Leeuwen 
      • Again, not all vegan but they have a TON of vegan flavors and all of them are amazing. Their matcha ice cream is probably one of the best I’ve ever had (vegan or not)! 

What list do you want to see next? Comment below! 

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