#45: Oops I [Started Calorie Counting] Again

This is a very personal episode about my struggles with calorie counting. I talk through what triggered it initially, what caused me to continue to do it, and why I decided to talk about it on the podcast.

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2 thoughts on “#45: Oops I [Started Calorie Counting] Again

  1. Awesome episode! I’ve never dealt with calorie counting, but I do deal with many MANY food intolerances and keeping my weight up (unlike “most” women who struggle with keeping weight down) and I’m moving towards using weightlifting and hiking way more to “control” that. Hopefully we can both move on and grow as people through struggles with food and weight. Good luck! Love it

    1. Thanks for listening and for letting me know your thoughts!! And yessss to weightlifting/hiking!! Just keep experimenting until you find something that you really enjoy. Rooting for you!

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