My Favorite Vegan Restaurants in NYC • Summer 2017

I wrote a blog post on my favorite vegan restaurants/cafes back in September 2016. However, because I’ve tried a lot more restaurants since then, I thought I’d do an update.

The quick list is below; longer descriptions/photos follow.




POTENTIAL NEW LOVES (places I want to try):


Know more…

  • Beyond Sushi
    • Vegan sushi/dumplings/noodles/salads. Every single thing on the menu is delicious and healthy.
    • GET THE: Wild shroom noodle salad, pickle me roll, sweet tree roll, spicy shroom rice paper wrap. 

  • Buddha Bodai
    • Vegan dim sum that always hits the spot. And it’s cheap.
    • GET THE: Sticky rice in lotus leaf, baked veg meat bun, veg soup dumplings.
  • Champs
    • Great vegan diner in W-burg.
    • GET THE: Hippie hash, breakfast enchiladas, habibi bowl.

  • Screamer’s
    • Omg best pizza ever. Even my omni friends love it. The dough is the perfect mix of crunchy & chewy. 
    • Go to Van Leeuwen next door for amazing ice cream after you’re done eating.
    • GET THE: Buffalo cauliflower, chorizo, screamer slices. 

  • Bunna Cafe
    • BESTTTT Ethiopian food. You get like a huge platter for $15. Plus they have a $7 shot & beer deal… which is pretty rare in NYC. 
    • GET THE: Feast for however many people are with you. 

  • Cienfuegos
    • Amazing happy hour: half-price punch bowls & $7 cocktails from 5-7. They have a few small but high-quality bites too, in case you get hungry! 
    • GET THE: Punch bowl!! (Amanda, aka @veganschaibs below, and I split a bowl for 4 between the two of us hehe) 

  • Cinnamon Snail
    • Cinn snail has always been good, but after having their “thanksgiving sandoo” the other day, this place has blown me away!! IT HAS BREAD PUDDING IN IT. YUP. 
    • GET THE: Thanksgiving sandoo, Korean BBQ seitan, french lentil burger.
  • May Kaidee
    • WOW THAI HEAVEN. I’m on a quest to try every single item on the menu.
    • Pro tip: Go at lunch if you want the whole restaurant to yourself (aka an excuse to obnoxiously take a million photos for IG and not feel bad about it). It’s always either completely or almost completely empty. However, it does get more crowded at dinner so go at lunch and STAND UP TO TAKE PICS WHILE YA CAN!  
    • GET THE: Green mango salad, green papaya salad, Tom Yam soup, Pad See U, black sticky rice. 

  • Mother of Pearl
    • Vegan Tiki bar with fun interior, great drinks, and fab food. It’s right below Cienfuegos, too :)
    • GET THE: Char siu buns, fried guac, pea & edamame dumplings

POTENTIAL NEW LOVES (someone try them with me!):
  • Atlas Cafe
    • East Village cafe with lots of vegan options including pancakes, tofu scramble and VEGAN SOFT SERVE! 

  • Candle 79 
    • Upscale vegan food in UES.
  • Jin Ramen
    • Everyone kept telling me to come here after I published my vegan ramen post. So I gotta!
  • Ramen Ishida
    • New ramen place in LES with all vegetarian broth!! 
  • Terri
    • Quick vegan eats with locations all over the city.

  • abcV
    • A lot of people rave about this place, but the portions are tiny and EXPENSIVE. Unless you have a sugar daddy who can buy you 10 plates, you will leave hungry.
  • Caravan of Dreams
    • Weird interior, bland food.
  • Delice & Sarrasin
    • Overpriced, underwhelming food.
  • Vegetarian Dim Sum House
    • Almost died from an allergic reaction here!! But the food wasn’t that great in general either. Buddha Bodai FTW.

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