Belize Vegan Eats

Veganism isn’t really a thing in Belize. Everywhere we ate, I had to ask a variety of questions: “Does this have milk or cheese?” “The beans are vegetarian, correct?” “What’s in the smoothie?”

However, it wasn’t necessarily difficult to eat vegan in Belize. For one, everyone speaks English so communication isn’t an issue. Also, a lot of their traditional foods are already vegan (beans & rice, coconut rice, tortillas, coconut curry), and a lot can be made vegan (fajitas, burritos, sandwiches).


Below is the detailed explanation of everywhere and everything I ate, categorized by island/region. I starred my favorite places.

I tried to take a pic of everything, but I forgot to do so for the first few meals (sorry!), so there are a few without pics.

  • Palapa bar:
    • Beach bar: good for drinks/relaxing
    • ATE:
      • Coconut rice & sauteed veggies
Tubes outside the bar– take your drink with you and float around :)
  • Melt Cafe:
    • Casual restaurant
    • ATE:
      • Shroom melt (ask without cheese)– basically a mushroom sandwich– & fruit
  • Sandbar:
    • The restaurant below my hostel, good for drinks & bar food.
    • Went twice for breakfast
    • ATE:
      • English muffin (ask without butter) with jam & fruit
      • Strawberry banana smoothie (ask without milk)

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  • Akbol*:
    • Really cool hostel with yoga & cute restaurant
    • Went twice for lunch
    • ATE:
      • Falafel burger
      • Banana smoothie
      • Akbol bowl: Cabbage cilantro lime, steamed veggies, rice & beans, garlic tahini sauce

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  • Fidos:
    • Beach-front restaurant, pretty large
    • ATE:
      • Rice & beans pilaf & steamed veggies
  • Mr. Dixies*: 
    • Tiny smoothie stall on street with an adorable woman working her magic
    • No website, sorry! It’s on Barrier Reef Drive.
    • ATE:
      • Papaya/cantaloupe smoothie/ice thing (SO GOOD)

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  • The Dive Bar:
    • Bar with fun seating areas: swings in water, dock, chairs on raised deck
    • ATE:
      • Mango smoothie made entirely out of juice (aka no real fruit). Was a total rip-off. Would not recommend (go for the pics tho hehe #forthegram).


Swings in the water!
  • Caliente:
    • Mexican restaurant
    • ATE:
      • Coconut curry



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  • Fran’s Grill:
    • Not even a real restaurant… it’s pretty funny. It’s just a grill set up on the beach, and this lady named Fran will cook you a BBQ w/ unlimited rum drinks for about $15 US.
    • ATE:
      • Curry veggies w/ coconut rice (she also makes mashed potatoes and garlic bread, but I don’t think those are vegan)


The front of the “restaurant” lol
  • Ice & Beans:
    • Friendly, cute coffee shop with sandwiches, bagels, smoothies, etc.
    • Went twice for breakfast
    • ATE:
      • Banana smoothie
      • Iced coffee
      • Everything bagel w/ jam


  • Meldy’s:
    • Tiny restaurant w/ local food
    • ATE:
      • Veggie burrito (ask for no cheese). Their tortilla for the burrito is like pizza dough… it’s SOOOO good.


  • Paradiso Cafe*:
    • Cute restaurant & friendly staff. You can play card games/board games here too
    • ATE:
      • Veggie sandwich (no substitutions needed! wooo!)

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  • Rose’s Grill
    • Seafood restaurant
    • ATE:
      • Veggie kebabs with grilled pineapple & potatoes (ask without butter)


  • GJ’S:
    • Random restaurant along the highway to ziplining/cave-tubing. I think it’s on Western highway.
    • Couldn’t find a website or anything, sorry!
    • ATE:
      • Callaloo with beans & rice (comes with potato salad that I’m pretty sure is not vegan)

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  • Celebrity:
    • Nicer restaurant in Belize City
    • Went twice for dinner
    • ATE:
      • Combinasyon ala turka (ask without cheese & shrimp)– basically a hummus plate– and side salad
      • Veggie curry with coconut rice

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Loved this salad!


  • Old Belize*:
    • Restaurant inside Old Belize/Kukumba Beach. Really nice!
    • ATE:
      • Caribbean salad (ask without ranch dressing)

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Kukumba (cucumber) Beach
  • Spoonaz:
    • Coffee shop in Belize City
    • They have almond/soy milk!!
    • Went twice for coffee/breakfast
    • ATE:
      • Iced coffee w/ soy milk (was super sweet… ask for less sugar if you don’t like it sweet)
      • Hot coffee w/ soy milk
      • Pasta salad

*One of my favorites 

Hi! Thanks for making it to the end of the blog. As a reward, I am letting you in on the BEST HOT SAUCE EVER. I’m serious. It’s all over Belize, and I put it on every.single.meal. Literally. I will be restocking on Amazon from now on cause I NEED it.

Thank you, Marie. <3<3<3<3

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