Hear same alarm. Wear same shoes. Attend same gym. Walk same way. See same people. Pass same walls. Eat same lunch. 


See same pictures. 

Post same pictures. 

Feel same anxiety. 

What am I doing? Why am I doing this? What’s the point of posting photos of food to Instagram? What’s the point of blogging? What will I be doing next year? When will I feel like I’ve really achieved something? Why am I not doing more? What can I be doing to help the world? Why am I not more creative? Ambitious? Determined?

Ride same subway. Eat same dinner. Watch same show. Eat same snack. Sleep same time.

Feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Feeling uninspired.

Not every day.

Not every hour.

In fleeting moments.

Waiting for this uninspired feeling to ebb away; for the energy to flow back in.

This was a very stream of consciousness, minimally edited post. I’ve just been going through a lull where I feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over. I feel uneasy. I keep thinking of the quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I’m not sure if I’m actually crazy, if I’m overthinking things, if I’m just young, or if I just need to get over myself and snap out of it…

But usually writing helps.

6 thoughts on “Uninspiration.

  1. It’s good to ask why, and to consider what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. That’s why travel is so great — it makes us reexamine the things we take for granted and don’t even notice anymore. So keep it up. :) The uneasiness will pass.

    I’m new to NYC (moved from CA) and would love to try some NYC vegan restaurants. Any recommendations? I have a sense of what’s available but interested in your favorites, esp in Manhattan but Brooklyn too. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, agreed :) Travel is so important!
      Amazing that you moved here– welcome!! Are you vegan/do you want vegan recs or just general good food?

  2. Some vegan or veggie places would be great! The closest thing to describe me is pescatarian, although not a perfect label. Better to say I’m a conscious eater who loves good food. :)

      1. Thanks! Love that you have Hanco’s on your list! I lived by Hanco’s for a few months a long time ago and went there almost every day … I still crave the bubble tea and veggie pork banh mi.

  3. I think the key is knowing that what you are doing matters! You have big purpose and you are inspiring others to live a healthy life which is a BIG deal. Mixing it up a little may help with the monotony. I cannot post on the same thing or I get super bored. I think exploring new places to eat vegan in the city and writing about them is a great idea. So many people travel there for fun and are always looking for good spots so that would be relevant to locals and non locals. Follow your passion… that always leads to your purpose. Just my two cents! I stumbled upon your IG today for inspo and read this. Hope you have a great weekend! ✌🏻

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