Things I Love Right Now (May 2017)

I accidentally skipped April’s TILRN post, oops!! Here is my list for May.

And, just in case you want to see my TILRN from months past:

1. Charisma On Command

This Youtube channel is GENIUS!! It’s basically a self-help channel that teaches you how to be the most likable person by using examples from celebrities/public figures. Below is the video that hooked me in.

2. Dear White People

dear white people.jpg

I binged through this Netflix series in like two days!! It’s kind of cheesy/melodramatic, which I’m usually not a fan of, but the characters and story lines are just so intriguing that I could overlook the fluff.

It’s a drama based off a film of the same name, and follows the lives of a group of black students at an Ivy league school. It’s political, romantic, dramatic, and culturally relevant. I really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping there will be a second season soon!

3. Boba Guys


OMG I can’t believe I hadn’t tried Boba Guys until now! They have a couple locations in NYC and SF, and serve milk tea boba with VEGAN OPTIONS!! HELL YES. Vegans are usually limited to milk-free boba (since the tea is pre-made with milk powder), but this place gives you the option of including either almond or soy milk.

First you choose your tea flavor– I got Indian chai– then you choose your toppings (tapioca balls [aka boba], almond jelly, or grass jelly), and then you choose your milk (normal, soy, or almond).

My Indian chai was SO good and I am already dreaming about my next visit… ugghhh I love boba so much!

4. Beyond Sushi’s “Wild Shroom” noodle salad

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I tried this for the first time at Beyond Sushi the other week and OH MAN my life has not been the same since. The salad has glass noodles, braised shiitake, portabella, enoki mushrooms, and arugula. They put this sauce on it that is just unreal and the mix of the noodles with mushrooms is so perfect and… well… can you tell I’m OBSESSED?

Also, why are mushrooms so amazing?

5. Cocomel’s (naked and chocolate-covered)


Thanks Tim for the photos :)

Last weekend I went to Vegan Shop-Up at Pine Box Rock Shop where Cocomel was one of the vendors. They had samples out, so naturally I had to try them. I tried both the sea salt chocolate-covered caramels and the espresso chocolate-covered caramels— the bars reminded me of a milky way but without the marshmallow part.  Both were delicious, but I especially loved the espresso flavor (probably because I love coffee flavored everything).

I found myself still thinking about them the next day while shopping at Whole Foods, so I decided to buy a bag of their naked caramels since WF didn’t have the chocolate-covered ones. Mmmm so sweet and yummy. But also dangerously addicting. Dammit why is sugar so good.

Dangerous desk stash

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