What I Snack On When I’m Feeling Healthy AF

Maybe it’s after returning from a trip abroad.

Maybe it’s on a hungover Sunday after a night of drinking and late-night snacking.

Maybe it’s a random  Tuesday.

There are just days when I feel like eating healthy.

To me, ‘healthy’ means whole, unprocessed foods.

I always feel proud and accomplished when I go for whole foods instead of things like tortilla chips, rice crackers, or pretzels. So, if you’re looking for a similar feeling of accomplishment and/or are trying to be extra healthy, try snacking on these. (TBH though, I snack on these on ‘normal,’ not consciously-healthy days, too.)

  • Hummus and veggies: The classic “healthy snack.” It’s actually pretty satisfying if you’re buying good hummus (trust me, it matters). Some of my faves are Cava, WF Market, and Roots.



  • Toast with hummus: For when you’re feeling more carbilicious. Be sure to eat it with bread that has minimal ingredients. My go-to is sourdough bread. Bread Alone is my favorite brand, but it’s local to NY. Ezekiel is SUPER healthy but it kinda tastes like cardboard IMO.
Love their sourdough, but their sourdough rye is even better.
  • Almonds: They are surprisingly filling. Just grab a handful and you’ll be good for another hour/hour and a half. You can also eat any other nut, I just stick to almonds because I’m allergic to all other nuts.


  • Almond butter and fruit: Also filling and delicious. I love pairing almond butter and fruit with a little cinnamon as well.


  • Fresh fruit: Another super easy, super healthy snack. I love snacking on apples the best, but I’ll also go for an orange, a pear, or some grapes. If I want to feel EXTRA EXTRA healthy, I go for grapefruit. That tanginess wakes me right up.
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  • Homemade trail mix: Add some dried fruit, nuts, and maybe a little chocolate in a plastic bag or jar (mason, if you wanna be hip like me. See below). Scoop out a couple handfuls. It’s a little naughty (thanks to the chocolate), but it’s still mostly nice and will hold you over until the real food.


  • Popcorn: Popcorn is one of my FAVORITE things to snack on because the calorie-to-volume ratio is so good. If air-popped, you can eat 3 cups for only 100 calories. Try to make your own, or find brands with minimal ingredients/added oil. I buy mine from a local company, but Skinny Pop, Good Health, and Pipcorn are good alternatives.

popcorn 1.png

  • Lara bar: From what I’ve seen, these are some of the healthiest nutrition bars out there. The ingredients are always very minimal– nuts and dates. I can only eat the cherry pie and pineapple upside down cake flavors due to my cashew allergy, but I’ve heard good things about most of their flavors.


  • Veggies and guac: For when you’re bored of veggies and hummus. Just mash half an avocado with whatever spices you want– my go-tos are salt, chili flakes, and garlic powder. If you’re feeling faaancy, chop up some cilantro, onion, and tomatoes too. Then dip whatever veggies you have (carrots, cucumber, and celery would all work well) into the guac. Low carb, lots of healthy fats, and lots of fiber = healthy AF!


What are some things you snack on when you’re feeling healthy AF? LMK how I can up my health game in the comments! 

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