My Favorite Trader Joe’s Products (Vegan)

Trader Joe’s has a seemingly endless selection of fantastic (and cheap) products, which is equally as great as it is overwhelming. So today I thought I’d share my favorite products to help you separate the meh from the mandatory.

  • Almonds (roasted, 50% less salt)
Need to stock up again soon, clearly…

Priced at $4.99 for a 16 oz bag, you’re not going to find cheaper almonds pretty much anywhere else. I try my best to only buy my almonds at TJ’s.

  • Almond butter (creamy unsalted)


trader joes 5

I love this nut butter because it’s cheap ($7.99 for 16 oz jar) and only has one ingredient (almonds. (duh)). Most other brands charge at least $10 for the same size, and/or contain unnecessary oil/sugar, so TJ’s is the clear winner.

  • Tempeh


Roasted tempeh bowl.

Other brands ain’t got NOTHIN’ on TJ’s tempeh, which is priced at $1.99 per 8 oz pack. Most other tempeh costs around $4.50. It’s kinda astounding how much cheaper TJ’s is, really. A little sus, even. But whatevs, not gonna overthink it too much.

  • Chili lime spice


I’ve talked about this before, but it’s so freaking good with everything! ($1.99 for 3 oz)

  • Chocolatey cats cookies
vegan junk food 29
Courtesy of

This is one of their ‘accidentally’ vegan products. These cats are really good for snackin’! ($2.99 for 16 oz)

  • Giant Peruvian Inca corn


So salty, crunchy and satisfying… love having these on hand for the road or as a work snack. ($1.79 for 8 oz)

  • Harissa salsa


trader joes 6
Used the harissa as a dressing for this meal.

I just discovered this salsa and OMGGG obsessed. It’s got great texture, is spicy, and works really well as a salad dressing. ($2.99 for 12 oz)

  • Multiseed tamari crackers


trader joes 3.jpg
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Like the giant Peruvian corn, this is perfect for snacking and has really great flavor! Plus, you can have like 30 crackers for like 100 calories, which is pretty great… ($2.69 for 8 oz)

  • Soy creamy cherry chocolate chip ice cream


TJ’s non-dairy ice cream is SUPER cheap compared to other brands; you can get double the amount for the same price. Plus, it tastes amazing. They have many non-dairy ice cream flavors, but my favorite is definitely the cherry chocolate chip. There are lots of chocolate chunks, and the cherry doesn’t taste artificial. ($3.99 for 32 oz)

  • Vegetable masala burger


trader joes 4
Top it on a salad!

This is probably my favorite veggie burger at the moment. It tastes like Indian curry in patty form. If you love Indian food like I do, you will LOVE this burger! ($2.49 for 4 burgers)

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Trader Joe’s Products (Vegan)

  1. This makes me so sad that I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me! Great post, nonetheless. The prices on these items are so good!

      1. I’m in rural Pennsylvania. It has its benefits, but access to health food stores isn’t one of them!

  2. Yes! TJ’s is the best! I regularly buy most of the stuff on your list :) But I definitely need to try the tempeh and the masala burgers! Don’t know what I’ve even waiting for. Oh and that chili lime powder, I’m obsessed with it!

  3. Those masala burgers are one of my favorites!! A few other TJs must haves for me include the high protein tofu,(no need to press it!), pumpernickel pretzel sticks which i dip in their peanut butter, the new vegan cultured butter, soyaki sauce, soyrizo, and the great prices on clif bars and lara bars. Oh, and the new coffee mochi are vegan and freaking amazing!

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