#21: Online Dating

Today’s episode topic is a tad off-brand in that it’s not related to health/fitness. However, it’s one that I think is relevant for a lot of you, so I figured it might be fun to talk about it.

I share my overall thoughts on online dating (Tinder/Hinge/Bumble), the ghosting phenomenon, first date stories, and more.

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2 thoughts on “#21: Online Dating

  1. I never listened to a full podcast before but as a fellow millennial I can totally relate! Even though I’m a guy it was very entertaining to hear all your stories. The same stuff happens to me!

  2. Hello from Finland! I liked the podcast in other respects and am glad I found your blog, but have to say the comment about people living outside your university town being “just hicks, really weird people” seemed pretty harsh and prejudiced to me… I also wondered, what you meant by some of your dates sucking or not being even half-way decent? That seemed fairly harsh, too…

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