Things I Love Right Now (January 2017)

Happy 2017! It’s time for another installment of my “things I love right now” series. If you want to see what I’ve been obsessed with in past months, click the links below:

Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds


I got this cheese based on a coworker’s recommendation, and it has now earned a spot in the top tier of packaged vegan cheeses (at least in my world). I’d say it tastes closer to Parmesan than mozzarella, but I haven’t had cheese in two years so I could be off.

H&M hat

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I have worn this hat every day since I bought it a week ago… it’s warm, cute, fits well, and goes with pretty much everything.

Black Mirror

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This show is everything– terrifying, brilliant, mind-blowing, and depressing. I’ve been told that it’s similar to Twilight Zone, but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t seen Twilight Zone. 😥 It’s an anthology series, and each episode is a different yet equally gut-wrenching story about the consequences of technology. The stories are extreme and other-worldly, yet simultaneously extremely realistic.

I believe every single person should watch this show– it’ll wake you up.

Potato wedges

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Grab a few potatoes. Boil them for 2 minutes. Cut them into wedges. Season them. Place them on parchment paper. Bake them for 10-15 minutes on each side. Grab ketchup. Maybe some BBQ sauce. Dip them.

And you’ll have yourself a crispy, healthy, and delicious meal.

I’ve been making these once a week for a few weeks and they are SO addicting and healthy, so it’s truly a win-win.

Pipcorn (cheddar flavor)

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This is one of their brand new flavors, and they legit tastes like Cheetos. AND THEY’RE VEGAN!! I never thought I’d taste Cheetos again until these came around. Do yourself a favor and grab a bag… oh and if you enter “RUNNING20” at checkout, you’ll get 20% off! 😉

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