My Favorite TV Shows of 2016

Since 2016 was such a fantastic year for television, I thought I’d do a round-up of my favorite TV shows. I separated them by genre, and starred the ones that are must-sees.

b/c popcorn is essential when TV-watching


  • The Night Of (HBO): A Pakistani-American is accused of murdering a young white female. Stars John Turturro.
  • Black Mirror* (Netflix): British anthology series about the extreme consequences of modern technology. No stars because the actors change every episode.


  • Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (CBS): Do I really need to explain what it’s about? It’s been on for 33 seasons for God’s sake… And yes I still watch this show. Don’t let the stupid sub-title fool you… season 33 was one of their best ones yet.


  • Insecure (HBO): Two 20-something black women living in LA navigate through love, work, and relationships. Stars Issa Rae.
  • Better Things (FX): An actress struggles to balance a career with raising three daughters. Stars Pamela Adlon.
  • Transparent* (Amazon Prime): A father of 3 comes out as transgender later in life. Stars Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass.
  • Silicon Valley* (HBO): A group of misfits attempts to get their startup off the ground while navigating through a series of trials and tribulations. Stars Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller.

BONUS: Shows I stopped watching (but want to continue)

  • Atlanta (FX): An up-and-coming artist finds his way through the rap scene in Atlanta. Stars Donald Glover.
  • Black-ish (ABC): A black family tries to find their identity in a predominantly white, upper middle-class neighborhood. Stars Anthony Anderson.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW): Musical-comedy about a girl who quits her job to move to the same city as her ex. Stars Rachel Bloom.
  • Westworld (HBO): TBH I only watched one episode so I’m not exactly sure what it’s about… but it has something to do with robots being controlled by humans. Stars Evan Rachel Wood.

DOUBLE BONUS: Shows I want to watch in 2017

  • Fleabag (Amazon Prime): British show about a woman living in London. I clearly don’t know much about it but it’s got great reviews, so hey, why not give it a try. Plus I love British shows. Stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
  • Stranger Things (Netflix): A telekinetic girl helps find a missing boy. Stars Winona Ryder. (Please forgive me if my summary is off… I haven’t seen it yet!)

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