7 Foods That Are Presumably (But Not Actually) Vegan

Such tricksters, these guys are! These are all foods I didn’t realize weren’t vegan until I went vegan and was forced to double-check that everything I ate was indeed vegan. Say vegan one more time.

non vegan.jpg

Honey: It’s made by bees and eaten by bees. Therefore, it’s an animal product, which makes it not vegan. Learn more about what makes honey un-vegan here.

Kimchi: Kimchi is a Korean fermented side dish. Although it’s mostly made of vegetables, and you can’t see/taste the non-vegan stuff, traditional kimchi does include shrimp and fish sauce. Fortunately, Mother-in-Law’s makes a fantastic vegan version. You can also DIY pretty easily. I used Mommy Tang’s recipe and it turned out great!

Miso soup: Most miso soup recipes include fish stock, or katsuo-dashi. However, you can easily swap out the katsuo-dashi for kombu-dashi (seaweed stock) or any other veggie stock.

KIND bars: Most, if not all (I haven’t done a thorough read-through of all their products’ ingredients lists) of KIND bars include honey. It’s a shame, since I loved these bars before going vegan. Can’t they just use maple syrup??!  Image result for tears streaming down face emojiImage result for upset emojis

Marshmallows: They contain gelatin. What is gelatin? Basically, it’s the boiled bone, skin or tendons of a pig or cow. WTF right? I feel like more people should be aware of what gelatin really is… so nasty. Dandie’s is a vegan marshmallow brand that apparently makes really good marshmallows! (Haven’t tried them out myself yet.)

Gummies: Again, they contain gelatin. See above for what exactly that entails. However, vegans can still eat Swedish Fish, Dum Dums and Sour Patch Kids to their heart’s desire… these somehow pass the vegan test. Which is convenient since those are my favorites anyway.

Pesto: You would think pesto is just pine nuts and basil. But nay, most pesto also includes cheese. You’re probably better off making your own than seeking out a vegan version, given how easy it is. (just blend!)


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