#10: Vegan in Japan (w/ co-host May Wildman)

IMG_1491.JPGMy sister May is back in the studio for another episode! This time, however, May interviews me instead of me interviewing her. We chat about being vegan in Japan– the hurdles I faced with family, the perception of veganism in Japan, what/where we ate, and more.

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How to say no meat/fish/dairy in Japanese:

  • No meat: NIKU-NASHI
  • No fish: SAKANA-NASHI
  • No dairy: NYUU-SEI-HIN-NASHI

Places we visited with all ingredients listed:

About Koya-san:

  • Buddhist temple village in Wakayama prefecture. Stay at one of the temples to enjoy exclusively vegan food! (Monk’s cuisine is called shojin-ryori, which is 100% vegan)
  • We stayed at Jofuku-in (loved it!)
  • For more info: http://www.japan-guide.com
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Vegan restaurants we went to in Tokyo:

  • Nagi-shokudo (In Shibuya)
  • T’s Tan-tan Ramen (Inside Tokyo station)
  • Not mentioned in the podcast:
    • Cafe the 6BT (In Roppongi. Loved it; come for dinner. All you can drink for 900 yen!! Vegan ramen, dinner sets, etc)
    • Veganic To Go (In Roppongi. Super cute. Lots of veggie burgers and rice bowls. Come for lunch.)
    • Chabuzen (In Shimokitazawa. Tiny place, run by one guy in what seems like his own kitchen/house. Japanese/Indian curries, noodles, and more. I really liked it and would go back for sure.)
  • For a full list of vegan/vegan-friendly places in Japan: https://www.happycow.net/asia/japan/ 

Japanese vegan treats/sweets:

  • Warabi-mochi (bracken-starch mochi)
  • Yokan (jelly-like dessert made w/ red bean paste, sugar and agar)
  • Mochi (check ingredients; most are vegan but some aren’t)
  • Zenzai (red bean soup w/ mochi)
  • Senbei (rice crackers; some use fish dashi so check the ingredients for “katsuo” or “katsuo-bushi,” which are fish products)

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