Thoughts I Have While Running

These are some thoughts I repeatedly have while running through New York City. Enjoy!

running thoughts.jpg

Ugh what is that smell… I swear everyday is trash day. 

IS THAT A DEAD RAT omg omg don’t look don’t look… ew ew ew…

Why is that biker on the pedestrian side of the bridge… wrong side dude…

I wonder if I’ll make that light… if I start sprinting now I’ll get there just as it turns yellow… HELL YES I made it.

That car BETTER not turn into me as I’m crossing the street.

Oh that would make a really nice picture… should I get my phone out… nah.

I never noticed that graffiti before. I wonder what it means. 

Does this person not realize there’s a runner right behind them trying to get by… move dude.

Wow that restaurant smells so good… now I’m hungry.  

Ugh I totally could have crossed the street. Now I have to wait for all these cars to pass… dammit. 

How are those runners running so fast… I wish I could run like that. 

Oh cool new restaurant opening! Gotta remember to Yelp it later. 

I hate all these runners running downhill toward me, so smug and speedy. Don’t they see how much pain I’m in??!

How the hell did that mile take me 11 minutes?? I gotta speed up! 

Woah I ran that mile in 8:30? I’m on fire!

Oh my god I love this song. I wish I could dance and run at the same time. 

Am I in the bike lane or the pedestrian lane? Oh god, the bikers are gonna hate me. 

I wonder if other runners are critiquing my form.

I can’t wait to eat after this. 



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