August Miles + NYC Marathon Training Update

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5fd6191df3085e00535a8d295dc49b1b.pngWhere did August go? I can’t believe summer is basically over. *hands on cheeks mouth open freaked out emoji* I’m kind of ready for cooler weather, but I know as soon as it gets chilly I will regret having ever said anything about missing cool weather.

Anyway, on to today’s topic: Marathon training. My total August mileage came out to 130.5. Wowza! (That was actually my thought after I calculated everything. #killme) I thought I had run closer to 100 miles, so I’m super proud of that number. I think it’s one of my highest mileage months to date.

I’m almost done with week 9 of 18 (whoa halfway!) of marathon training and I’m feeling pretty good, better than I thought I’d feel at this point to be honest. I’ve gone up to 15 mile long-runs, so I’m slowly building. My longest training run will be 20 miles, so I just have to tack on five more miles to what I’ve already done to get to my peak. I remember after my 20 miler last year I was hurting in places I didn’t know could hurt, so we’ll see what this year’s big 20 miler will bring.

I’m at the point in training where I’ve found a rhythm; a week-to-week groove that will carry me to the finish line. It took me a good month or so to get here, so it’s relieving to be at a more comfortable place in training.  I usually do a short run (3 or 4 miles) Mondays, a HIIT/strength training class called BURN Tuesdays, a speed workout (7 or 8 miles) Wednesdays, a barbell strength training class called Body Pump Thursdays, an easy 5 or 6 mile run Fridays, and then my long run on the weekends.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThe biggest issue I’ve noticed on my long runs is my hips. They start to ache after 8 or 9 miles, which tires me out. I know it’s not an injury because it’s not painful; it’s more like my hips are saying, “We’re not used to moving back and forth for this long, help!” If that makes sense.

I’m still a little wary of my ankle (I thought I had a stress reaction a couple months ago and got an MRI but nothing showed up); I honestly can’t tell if it’s a phantom concern or if it’s real. My ankle feels fine for the most part when I run, but a part of me is still convinced that I’m going to get another stress reaction. Ugh. Can I just borrow someone else’s brain for a bit? Just until race day. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

How is everyone else’s marathon/half marathon/10k/5k/whatever distance training going? I’d love to hear, so let me know in the comments! Or, if you have a blog about running, let me know too :) Always looking for some #fitspo, naw mean.



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