10 NYC restaurants for vegans and non-vegans alike

It’s the weekend, and you and your friends are trying to decide what restaurant to go to. You’re vegan so you of course love going out to places like Franchia, Peacefood Cafe and Buddha Boddai. However, you’re the only vegan one in your group of friends. Where can you go that will leave everyone satisfied? 

Ah, young grasshopper. Take my hand and let me guide you through my list of places that will please all parties involved; places where you won’t feel like you wasted money on a $12 “I could have made this myself” salad, and your friends won’t complain about how “vegetables don’t make me full.” You’re happy, they’re happy, and your server is happy that they don’t have a take a million notes to give to the chef. Win, win, win.

P.S. If you would like a list of strictly vegan/vegetarian places, you can find a pretty good list here.

1. Mezetto

Mediterranean restaurant in the east village. Falafel buns, fried cauliflower, and eggplant caviar for the vegans; seafood paella, lamb, and cheese for the non. It’s pretty small so try to make a reservation if you have more than two or three people.

See their Yelp page.

2. Hanco’s

Vietnamese restaurant with a couple locations in Brooklyn. They have vegan and non-vegan versions of pho, banh mi, and rice vermicelli. They also have the BEST bubble tea! I mean it. The tapioca has just the right amount of chewiness and sweetness… please do yourself a favor and get their bubble tea ASAP.

See their Yelp page.

3. Bareburger

Burger restaurant chain with locations all over the city. I haven’t been here yet but I want to so badly! They have three different vegan burgers, along with sweet potato fries, salads, and sandwiches. You can even get a collard green wrap in place of a bun if you are feeling extra healthy.

Do not fret if you are not of the herbivorous type– there are elk, bison, beef, pork and chicken burgers. So you can basically choose from the entire animal kingdom when deciding what you want between your buns.

See their Yelp page.

4. Agave

Mexican restaurant in the west village. It’s large, so it’s a good place for a bigger group. Get guac for the group, and then order the veggie tacos sans queso for yourself (wow I just incorporated three languages in one sentence). Although I’ve never tried them, there are a couple of salads that sound promising too.

See their Yelp page.

5. Roberta’s 

Pizza restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. DAT DOUGH DOE. Vegans: get the rosso pizza (tomato sauce, oregano, and garlic), and then add whatever toppings you like! The crust will make you happy, promise. Their vegetable plates also sound good, although I’ve never tried any.

See their Yelp page.

6. Motorino

Another pizza place. They have one location in the east village and one in Brooklyn. The east village location is TINY, so plan accordingly.

Like Roberta’s, their dough is also amazing. I’m convinced that the dough/crust is the most important aspect of pizza; as long as you have a good dough, nothing else really matters.

See their Yelp page.

7. Cocoron and Goemon

Japanese soba noodles and curry in the lower east side of Manhattan. There are three locations: Two are soba places called “Cocoron,” and the other is a curry place called “Goemon.” Vegans can get natto, tofu, or vegetable curry/soba, and non-vegans can get pork, chicken, or seafood versions of the same.

See Cocoron’s Yelp page.

See Goemon’s Yelp page.

8. Southern Hospitality

BBQ restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Yes, that’s right, a BBQ place with vegan options. There are a number of veg-friendly sides (tater tots, fried avocado, fried pickles, baked beans), and they also have a portobello burger. Now these obviously aren’t the healthiest options, but this is a Southern BBQ restaurant, remember?! What did you expect? Steamed veggies?

Now go chase your avocado dreams and try their fried avocado. And then let me know how it is, because I’m genuinely curious.

See their Yelp page.

9. Chennai Garden

This is technically a vegetarian restaurant, HOWEVER, it is not completely vegan so I thought I could get away with including it on this list…

It’s an Indian restaurant in “curry hill” (Murray Hill) and I’ve never had a bad meal here. While the vast majority of the menu is vegan, there are a few items with cheese so your die-hard cheese fan of a friend may find a thing or two that satisfies their needs.

See their Yelp page.

10. Selamat Pagi

Indonesian restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a tiny place with great vibes, adorable interior design, and amazing service. Vegans have a few options in the form of salad, curry, and noodles. Non-vegans have quite a few seafood options.

See their Yelp page.

What are some other non-vegan restaurants with good vegan options? Let me know in the comments!


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