Vegan in Guatemala

It was surprisingly easy to be vegan in Guatemala. With countless fruit/smoothie bars and locally-sourced, health-conscious places, I was rarely stressed about finding something to eat.



It also helped that I was traveling alone. I would have felt bad dragging non-vegan companions to plant-based restaurants for every meal, but I had a great time scouting out all the veg-friendly places on my own.

Below is a list of the places I went to, along with some that I wanted to try but didn’t have a chance to due to time/logistics.

I broke it up by towns:

  • Antigua
  • Tikal
  • Flores
  • San Pedro La Laguna
  • Santa Cruz La Laguna

Side note: All the coffee shops/cafés I mention have non-dairy milk.


Sabe Rico

I came here twice. I was so pleased with the food and ambiance the first time that I came back with a couple friends I met on a hike up Mt. Pacaya. I tried a smoothie, Portobello sandwich, and quinoa salad over the two visits. If I had gone a third time, I definitely would have tried their veggie burger. The menu is extensive, and while it’s not all vegetarian/vegan, there are a LOT of options for those who are. The backyard dining area is massive and very pleasant. I could definitely see myself coming here and spending hours eating, reading, or writing if I lived in Antigua.

6A. Av. Sur #7

Amenecer Juice Bar


This is a cute, cozy juice bar with some healthy eats like salads and wraps. I came here for breakfast and had a lovely salad. The coffee wasn’t so great but I’m sure their juices are.

6a Avenida Sur 8, Antigua, Guatemala;geo=295366&detail=10063648&ff=179135356&albumViewMode=hero&albumid=101&baseMediaId=179135356&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=7

Toko Baru



I LOVED this restaurant! It’s a mix of Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, all of which are cheap, high quality, and homey. The first time I went I got their bean curry, and the second time I got their kofta bowl (which came with rice, sauce, 6 kofta balls and a salad). Both meals cost about $3.50 USD. Their sauces are AMAZING—one is a sweeter, apple-sauce type deal and the other is spicy and delicious.

1a Avenida Sur Nr. 17 , Antigua, Guatemala

Refuge Coffee Bar

I came here briefly for a coffee one afternoon. It’s apparently owned by an expat. Good quality almond cappuccino, fast Wi-Fi and a cute barista too! Ha.

7th Ave N, 18A, Antigua, Guatemala

Union Café

So hip! So friendly! I loved this place. I came here for a cappuccino, sat down to read a book in their loft area, and was given a free glass of juice to try! I’m pretty sure they simply made too much and didn’t want to waste the extra, but it was still very generous of them.

6 Calle Oriente # 10a | In front of Tanque de la Unión, Antigua 03001, Guatemala

Other veg-friendly places in Antigua:

Café Flor, Café Skye, Origami, Pitaya Juice Bar, Fat Cat Coffee House


Hotel Jaguar Inn


There are only a few food options in Tikal National Park, and the only noteworthy meal I had was at Hotel Jaguar Inn. I stayed at Jungle Lodge Hotel, but the food is over-priced and mediocre (although I can only speak for the vegan options).

At Jaguar Inn, I had a vegetable kebab that came with grilled pineapple, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, lots of rice, and a tomato sauce. It was large and delicious, and I was really pleasantly surprised that such an option existed in a remote jungle location.

Tikal National Park, Flores, Peten

Flores, Peten, 20001, Guatemala


Legumbres Mayas

This is the hippie-est place I went to. The owners are artists and have a little display/shop of their work in the front of the restaurant. The walls are filled with paintings and artwork, their dog roams around, and the space is airy, open and very laid back. I loved their jewelry, and ended up buying two of their rings!

I had a stir fry dish that tasted truly homemade. I wish I could have tried their other dishes but I was only in Flores for an afternoon.

Calle Centro America, Flores 17001, Guatemala

La Villa Del Chef

I came here for dinner and had a glorious veggie burrito against a beautiful backdrop of the sun setting above the lake. It was surprisingly light for a burrito, which I was happy about since I hate feeling sluggish after a meal. The best part of meal, however, wasn’t the food: my waitress gave me a little doll that’s supposed to help you sleep if you place it under your pillow. It was so cute, and it made me so happy! I carry it around in my wallet as a good luck charm :)

The charm doll

Calle la Union | Peten, Flores, Guatemala

Other veg-friendly places in Flores:

Los Amigos




The vibe of this place is awesome. The tables are low, so you take off your shoes and sit cross-legged on mats. It’s a little pricier than other places so I got an appetizer which turned out to be more than enough food for one.

The dish I had was roasted eggplant with tahini, which also came with toast, and was super rich and tasty. It was too dark to take a decent photo but trust me; it was good!

Xetawal, Zona 2, San Pedro La Laguna 8010, Guatemala

Shanti Shanti

This is another place I visited twice and would probably frequent a lot if I lived in San Pedro. I loved the layout—it has all outdoor seating, comfortable seats, and faces the water. The first time I went I had their falafel special and OH MY GOD they were some of the best falafels I’ve ever had. I had their curry on my second visit and it tasted like the Asian curry my mom makes and I was so happy!

8a Calle 3-93, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Café Las Cristalinas

I had the best cappuccino of my trip here! Again, another super relaxed place. Good for studying, reading, or eating.

1 Avenida 1-14 Zona 1, San Pedro La Laguna 1 avenida 1-14 zona 1, Guatemala

Fifth Dimension

This place is vegan heaven! The entire menu is vegan/vegetarian and includes salads, pizza, burritos, desserts, and even things like homemade sauerkraut and kombucha. I had their spicy tandoori tempeh salad that was super colorful, and the tempeh was really well made. The café is peaceful, chill, and has great views of the lake.

Zona 2, Calle 8 San Pedro La Laguna

Salud Para Vida

This is a shop, not a restaurant, but has lots of vegan goodies. I’m weird and love to just look around grocery/health food stores, so this place was good for that. They also have homemade vegan cookies—I got three, and all three were really good.

Main Road, San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Other veg-friendly places in San Pedro:

Hummus-Ya, The Buddha, Ha Falafel


La Iguana Perdida:

This was the hostel I stayed in, and the only place I ate at in the two days I spent in Santa Cruz. There are several great vegan options for breakfast and lunch. There is also a communal buffet dinner every night that you must sign up for by 3 pm that day in order to attend. The kitchen staff is very accommodating to vegans, especially if you state your dietary preferences when reserving your room. They even gave me a massive fruit salad every night to make up for the dessert given to everyone else.

Bonus info: This was the BEST hostel I’ve ever stayed in. So much fun– so inclusive, friendly, relaxed, and beautiful. Highly recommend.

Other veg-friendly places in Santa Cruz:

La Isla Verde, Zotz, Colibri

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