One year post-grad: A reflection

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I moved to New York shortly after college graduation, in July 2015. It’s almost been a year, and before another year of incredible change passes me by, I want to take some time to reflect on the experiences of the past twelve months that come to the forefront of my mind.

In the past year I:

  • Moved to Brooklyn
  • Worked in SoHo, then midtown, now FiDi (for the same company; just moved a bunch of times)
  • Became more involved with the vegan community and met/became friends with many fellow vegans
  • Started taking my blog more seriously and wrote more consistently (at least one post a week)
  • Grew my Instagram to make it more of a platform to share my interests/passion for veganism and an active lifestyle
  • Picked up new daily habits (reading, meditation, making my bed, and cooking)
  • Started the BBG workout program
  • Trained for a marathon
  • Learned how to budget
  • Learned the true meaning of money
  • Learned that even the biggest cities like NYC can feel lonely at times
  • Became addicted to podcasts (I literally listen to them nonstop at home/on the go)
  • Ran more races than any other time of my life (6)
  • Narrowed down my passions (healthy/holistic living, writing, reading) after years of having no idea what I truly love/care about
  • Learned more about/started to embrace spirituality
  • Learned A LOT about direct mail and the print world (about how color printing works, print vendors, pre-print vs. variable layers, postal standards, the list goes on and on…)
  • Learned A LOT about account/project management (client relationships, organization, attention to detail, problem solving, the importance of asking questions, dealing with strengths/weaknesses of colleagues…)
  • Prioritized goal-setting/started envisioning what I want in the near future vs. further in the future
  • Realized many adults are content staying stagnant in their careers and that I don’t want to be like that
  • Learned what a truly crazy, entertaining, baffling, and wonderful city NYC is. I think it would serve everyone well to live here at least once in their life.
  • Improved my cooking skills
  • Was homesick for the first time
  • Became better at practicing gratitude

This list scares me because it reminds me how much can change in a year. I feel like a completely different person from who I was in the cap and gown. What does this mean for the next year? What will I be like in May 2017?

At the same time, the unknown excites me. There is so much to look forward to– the opportunities I’m not yet aware of, the potential personal growth, and the undiscovered relationships.

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Being in my 20s is not always the fun and whimsical period of life that I thought it would be. It’s kind of like being a teenager again– filled with constant doubt, insecurity, unpredictability, and trial-and-error moments.

However, it’s also loaded with opportunities, education, independence, and faith. Oh, and AWARENESS. That is definitely one thing I lacked as a teenager.

Happy gradiversary to me. Cheers to an even better year of ‘adult’hood.


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