The Absurdity of the Latest Diet Trend

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Atkins diet. South Beach diet. Paleo diet. Raw ‘til 4 diet. The list goes on. There are so many fad diets around, all of which promise rapid weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Enter the latest—the mono meal diet, where you only eat one type of food every meal, every day. Many people do this with fruit like bananas, mangos, or oranges.

According to, there is one girl on the Internet, operating under the name ‘Freelee the Banana Girl,’ who eats 50 bananas a day. Yes, 50. If you’re thinking, ‘What the hell? That is ridiculous.’ Well, my friend, those are my thoughts exactly. As if it’s not insane enough to limit her diet entirely to bananas, she takes it to the next level by eating 50 of them. That is 5000 calories a day, all from bananas. Why does she feel the need to eat so many bananas? I do not know. Apparently advocates of this diet claim it helps with digestion and weight loss. I’m pretty sure unless I was training for a triathlon I would gain weight if I ate 50 bananas a day… but OK. Clearly this is scientific stuff.

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Courtesy of Instagram, @freeleethebananagirl

Not only is it completely unsustainable and sad to eat a single type of food everyday, it’s detrimental to your health. I remember seeing a comment on the Internet claiming that our bodies were never meant to digest so many different types of food, and thus this is an evolutionarily sound way of eating.

What? We evolved to do precisely the opposite—our bodies need a variety of nutrients to function and survive. We need to eat a rainbow of colors for the micronutrients different foods provide, like iron, vitamin A, or antioxidants. It makes absolutely no sense to limit oneself to one source of food. It will inevitably lead to malnourishment.

I simply don’t understand this diet. I feel like it would be so boring to eat the same meal all day, everyday. I understand (to a certain extent) doing a juice cleanse or sticking to a select few foods for a couple days, but every day? Also, what happens when you go out to eat?

“Good evening sir, I would like 10 sliced mangos please.” I can’t imagine that going over so well, unless you’re eating at a smoothie place.

Surely this is disordered eating. This diet would affect your mental state, physical well-being, and social interactions. I cringe when I see advocates online, especially those with large followings, glamorizing and promoting this diet as healthy or beneficial. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist so I can’t say 100% whether this is healthy or unhealthy, but common sense tells me this is not a diet that should be encouraged. To me, it’s disordered, disturbing and unhealthy. My only hope is that Freelee the Banana Girl and Friends will return from their banana island and back into the real world.

4 thoughts on “The Absurdity of the Latest Diet Trend

  1. Well Freelee herself doesn’t eat 50 bananas everyday lol. I see her eat normal vegan food most of the time these days. Cliff bars and vegan donuts. Media likes to use grabby headlines. If anything I think the mono meal thing has gone down a lot in the “rawtill4” vegan community. Most people are more into starchsolution or eat a normal vegan diet.

    1. Oh I see. I can’t say I know much about rawtill4 or the starch solution, so I’ll have to read more about them. Good to know! Thanks :)

  2. The funny thing about eating styles is they all apply differently to different people. I would imagine someone eating 50 bananas has an eating disorder of some kind…. or has found the secret to what makes her/him feel great. It’s tricky. And while I don’t think anyone way of eating makes sense for everyone, I’m hesitant to go out of my way to say something along the lines of 50 bananas a day and mono dieting is completely unhealthy. At least she is eating whole foods. And like theveganstoryteller said above, she probably isn’t eating like that all the time.

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