#77: Holistic in Ho Chi Minh: La Holista’s Chiara & Pascale

Chiara is Italian, Pascale is French, and together they run La Holista, a holistic health and wellness company based in Ho Chi Minh City. They provide a wide variety of products & services: healthy plant-based food, cooking classes, educational programming, and community outings. Some of what we talk about: how they met what health coaching … More #77: Holistic in Ho Chi Minh: La Holista’s Chiara & Pascale

3/10/18: Energy Dip

I didn’t do much today. I went to An Cafe, bought an overpriced mango/strawberry smoothie, and blogged. I went to Thien Duyen, a local vegetarian place, for lunch. I ate pho. I met up with Kaitlyn and Seine, two of my dormmates, to explore the Crazy House. It’s a building made by the same architect … More 3/10/18: Energy Dip