Overdue Laos Pics

These are all from last month, taken on Mateus’ nice camera. He kindly sent them over to me recently, so I thought I’d share. Just a bit of background: I met Adrian, Falko, and Mateus in Vientiane, Laos. I basically approached them on the street and asked if I could join whatever they were doing. … More Overdue Laos Pics

#82: Actor/Photographer/Yogi Langston Hues (Bali Interview #1)

Langston Hues grew up in Detroit, almost died as a baby, and almost became a doctor as an adult. But he decided to complete scrap that plan and go on a world tour, photographing women in hijabs as part of a modest street fashion project. That then led to him moving to Indonesia where he … More #82: Actor/Photographer/Yogi Langston Hues (Bali Interview #1)

5/18/18: Bad Curry

I went up to the roof of my hostel, Borough Capsule Hostel, for breakfast around 6:45, but no one was there yet. I sat down and started blogging, figuring someone would come up sooner or later. Around 5 minutes later, a lady showed up and started setting up the breakfast. It was toast with jam, … More 5/18/18: Bad Curry